Who To Support in the August 7 Primary?

Michigan Conservative Union (MCU) does not support particular candidates, but is very concerned about the need to support our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As you consider whom to support in the Primary and General Election, ask yourself some questions as to where the candidates stand on core principles.  If you are really not sure where they stand, we recommend the following:

Questions to ask legislative candidates
1) Will you oppose an Article 5 convention that might throw our entire US Constitution as risk?
2) Michigan education spending has skyrocketed while the number of students keeps falling and quality is going down. Will you return controls to local districts, vote to end Common Core and oppose any education spending increases until we get improvements in quality?
3) Will you support more energy choice and competition?
4) Will you move to eliminate the renewable energy mandatyes and let the free market decide sources of energy?
5) Will you work to end asset forfeiture without a conviction?
6) Will you support reducing auto insurance rates by offering alternatives in auto-realted healthcare?
7) Will you demand transparency in all departrments and branches of Michigan government?
8) Will you support tax cuts? Where? How much?
9) Where will you cut state spending? How much?
10) What do you consider the state government’s largest problem and how would you fix it?

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