From Conservative Choices Newsletter, March 6, 2019

Over the last eight years the Michigan budget (under Republicans) went up $10 BILLION Dollars$ per year. 

Despite 80%+ of voters saying no to a road tax increase, it was passed. For years now they have been collecting that tax with little or no money going to roads while Medicaid expansion, government pre-school, free dental care for students, lots of other social welfare grew.

Road$$$ – NO TAX INCREA$E! They already raised taxes and didn’t spend it on roads. Prevailing Wage Repeal will save $400 Million a year in construction expense that can be applied to roads. Moreover, we should get 1.25 miles of roads paved or repaired for what we were getting one mile. Indiana spends about the same per road mile and has the best rural  roads in America. We need better management, not more taxes.

School$$$ In the last eight years Michigan Public Schools lost a quarter million students while budgets went UP $ 2.5 BILLION a year. $14,108+ a student isn’t too little. That’s a quarter million dollars for 18 students! The teacher earns $68,000 or so. Where is it going? 118 non-teachers for every 100 teachers, perks, waste! The United States spent $15,171  n each young person in the system – more than any other nation but 34th in quality.. A 26% increase in five years! Tennessee, with a per pupil spending level ranked 49th nationally by the U.S. Census Bureau at $8,765, placed 2nd on the NAEP list. We are not spending too little. Despite HUGE increases in cost per student and shrinking class sizes to try to keep all that wasteful spending, quality is going down. It isn’t working.


Off Facebook: George Ewing:  So if you go to the American petroleum institute web site. AFI.org. It gives you a complete breakdown states gas tax AND HOW MUCH OF IT IS ACTUALLY USED FOR ROADS, as designated and promised. Michigan’s gas tax is 56.81 per gallon without the proposed $0.45 cents increase. But here’s the kicker. Only 26% of the 56.81 is used for road repair. Only 26%. This is what happens when you run the money thru the general fund first. The state uses it for everything except what it was created for. Other states collect it and it’s sent directly to their road commissions… we don’t need the 45 cent increase. Just spend the full .56.81 per gallon on the roads as it was meant to be spent.  Just another example of waste and a lack of transparency on BOTH SIDE of the isle. Lansing is broken. And if you get the chance look at all the items in her proposed budget that are all worded in double speak.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer plans to go on the road to sell Michigan budget plan – the Democratic governor will have a major selling job to do. Her plan includes a proposed 45-cent increase in Michigan’s fuel tax – phased in over one year – to raise more than $2 billion for road repairs.

Whitmer is also proposing a $507-million increase for operational spending for K-12 schools as she attacks what she calls Michigan’s “two crises,” related to infrastructure and education.

Whitmer’s budget tour will start Wednesday on the west side of the state. How long it continues will depend, in part, on how long it takes for the Republican-controlled  Legislature to finalize its budget deliberations, she said.

Meet her – TELL HER NO!!!!

Tell your legislators no!

[Editor’s Note: The new Democrat Governor in Michigan proposed a $60.2 BILLION budget for the next fiscal year, up 3.5% over last year. This is $725,000,000 for each of Michigan’s 83 counties if split up equally. What could possibly cost so much? Read about it here]

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