US Supreme Court frees public union workers – Similar to Michigan’s Success!

SUPREME COURT DEALS HUGE BLOW To Democratic Party Campaign Coffers…State Government Workers CANNOT Be Forced To Pay Union Dues

AFSCME union is going to be hit hard with this decision…In 2016, the government union AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) gave an astounding $15,728,067 to political campaigns, the Democrats received $15,679,957, while Republicans received $7,475.

So far, in 2018 AFSCME has already contributed $5,213,406 in political donations. $5,194,687 was given to Democrats, while only a mere $6,000 was given to Republicans. Blow to Democrats

Michigan Conservative Union and Michigan Freedom To Work led the MI Labor Freedom grass roots campaign to free both public and private workers from forced union dues. When fully implemented it should allow about $150 Million a year to stay in workers pockets and out of the hands of union bosses and their left-wing politics. The laws still need defending

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