US Budget to increase throughout Trump Administrations?

The 2018 Trump budget projects increases through 2027. This, to conservatives, is not acceptable.

Trump promised to cut, cut, cut. That is what is needed and what we accept.

One are of interest is cuts in foreign aid – The Budget proposes to reduce or end direct funding for international programs and organizations whose missions do not substantially advance U.S. foreign policy interests. Action is already being taken on the funding given to Pakistan.

The Budget also renews attention on the appropriate U.S. share of international spending at the United Nations, at the World Bank, and for many other global issues where the United States currently pays more than its fair share. In addition, this Budget request focuses on making the Department of State and USAID leaner, more efficient, and more effective, and streamlines international affairs agencies more broadly through the elimination of Federal funding to several smaller agencies.  Click here for the White House Budget pg. 13.

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