Trump Today: President suggests Iran drone strike was ‘mistake’ as he takes stock market victory lap

Published: June 20, 2019 4:17 p.m. ET On Market Watch Dot Com Authors: Robert Schroeder and Steve Goldstein

President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested Iran had mistakenly shot down a U.S. drone, as he highlighted stocks hitting record territory, a point he has previously linked to his stewardship of the nation [Read more here]


  1. It sure was a mistake, but I think the President was hasty in offering that it might have been accidental or by a rogue operator. It bordered on an excuse. He should have at least waited for the Iranian leaders to explain and assert their innocence.

    • I agree with you Norm, but I love the way President Trump is advertising his compassionate reaction to being advised that a retaliatory strike would kill about 150 people. What a wonderful message to the world that our president signals his understanding that human life is more valuable than a blown-up unmanned drone. Of course, the evil media won’t give him his just rewards, but will instead find a way to twist everything about the entire fiasco to continue to make our president look bad. I will be interested to see what form of response our president does end up giving the bad actors of Iran, because they deserve to be put in their place.

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