The MCU Board

Michigan Conservative Union Officers

Chair: Norm Hughes, Metamora/Oxford (Lapeer County)

President: Linda Wildern (Lenawee County)

Vice President: Mary Sears (Houghton County)

Secretary: Dairus Reynnet, Dimondale (Eaton County)

Treasurer: Jay R. Taylor (North Oakland County)

Governing Board members:

Lt. Col. (ret.) David Agema, Grandville (Kent County)

Jerome J. Allen, Esq., West Bloomfield (Oakland County)

Bruce Barlond (Eaton County)

John Daniele, Grosse Pointe (Wayne County)

Janice Daniels (Oakland County)

James Hart, Blissfield (Lenawee County)

Alex Larner, Grand Ledge (Eaton County)

Darlene Littlejohn (Eaton County)

Professor William Wagner, Esq., Lansing (Ingham County)

Christine Zarycky, Esq., Birmingham (Oakland County)


Our address:

Michigan Conservative Plan,

52 E. Burdick Street, Suite 658, Oxford, MI 48371

Biographies of the Board:

Chairman of the Board

 Norman R. Hughes: Award winning architectural engineer and construction management consultant, Hughes had several patents and publications in engineering and science including automotive, aerospace,metallurgy, mining and power transmission engineering and management. Hughes was the founding Chair of MCU in 1975. He served as a county and district Republican Chair recruiting hundreds of delegates and driving record turnouts.He was nominee for Congress in 1978 and 1980. Hughes served in three senior policy positions in the Reagan Administrations. He was a presidential elector in 1984, selected to put Ronald Reagan’s name into nomination. Co-author of Michigan’s Tax Limitation Amendment and head of the grass roots movement for Michigan Freedom To Work, Hughes coalesced more than 218 groups and 70,000volunteers to pass right to work. Hughes again chairs MCU and The PLAN as it grows as Michigan’s go-to conservative leadership striving for conservative governance. 


 Linda K. Wildern is currently President & Membership Chair for MCU.  She is a Precinct Delegate and State Committee Woman for her County.  She has served on the State, District & Local GOP Committees for 7 years.  

Her professional experience is in the field of Occupational Therapy, Hospital Administration, and for-profit National Sales.  She has served on several State and National Committees related to her profession and college level education/ accreditation.  


Mary Sears is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a Registered Nurse by profession spending 25 years in Intensive Care Units in lower Michigan. She has a deep love of God, Country and Family and has worked within the political party system for the last 20 years. She is the Franklin Township Supervisor in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She presently serves on the board of MCU as Vice President and is expanding MCU into the UP as MCU-UP and UPCPAC. 


 Dairus Reynnet:  Born of hearty French and Czechoslovakian stock and raised by a WW II Navy veteran who spent a year in China evading the Imperial Japanese Army while being protected by Tai Li’s Nationalist troops, and by a mother who was an emblematic child of the Great Depression, I was raised with a distain for BS and an appreciation for self-sufficiency.  My first experience with the hazards of liberalism occurred at an early age while in Kindergarten when a class project required us to cut shapes out of construction paper.  I remember there was an inordinate amount of safety scissors marked “Left”.  After receiving a nasty pinch while using one of the Leftys, I realized that liberal’s attempt to accommodate a small or nonexistent part of a group often lead to the majority suffering.  (Note to liberals doing opposition research:  I know what you’re thinking, “You probably had classmates who were ‘Leftys’ who were hiding in the shadows”.  Yes, that’s right.  And I suppose they were confused about which bath room to use too)!  We should absolutely accommodate those with handicaps or are disadvantaged,however, the liberal cares nothing about the individual or outcome, wastes money, and in the end, are never held accountable for their failures.   My education includes degrees in International Relations, accounting, and an MBA in from Walsh College.  (I chose Walsh to avoid the fever swamp of political correctness rampant in education). While a lifelong conservative, (I first voted for Reagan’s second term in1984), it was not until the rise of the tea party when I became a grass roots conservative activist.  Since then I have been involved with the Eaton County Tea Party, had a stint with the county GOP,became a precinct delegate, campaigned for county and state candidates,attended state party conventions and various grass roots seminars including MCU’s MICPAC.  I am honored to serve with Michigan Conservative Union.  Where else can one interact with so many accomplished individuals dedicated to promoting conservative governance in our state and nation?


 Jay R. Taylor: Industry-recognized risk management, finance, automotive manufacturing and technology executive with 35+ years of international leadership experience. Taylor created Strategic Risk Management for General Motors Company’s CEO and Board in 2014 and is a published author and speaker on internal audit, risk management, governance, and technology. His mission is to enable small and medium-size private, family-owned, and public company businesses to achieve growth and success through risk-enabled decisions and better board governance. Taylor earned his MBA with honors at the University of Michigan and is a National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Board Governance Fellow.  Jay serves MCU as Treasurer and Chief Information Officer, and was Chair of the 2018 MI-CPAC Conference.

Dave Agema is a retired senior Captain with American Airlines and retired Air Force Officer and fighter pilot. He holds a BA in economics from Calvin College and a Masters from Central Michigan University in Business management.

He has served as a State Representative (voted 100% conservative) and as the National Committeeman for Michigan. He ran back in 2006 on stopping illegal immigration and not voting for tax increases. He won against 9 other politicians for State House and every year got elected by more and more of the general election vote. He is active in getting Conservative’s like himself elected into office.

Bruce Barlond is a 39-year small business owner, former Chairman of the Eaton County Republicans, and a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Janice Daniels is Associate-Broker Realtor® with 30 years experience helping people transact residential real estate. Became politically active in 2009 with the formation of the Tea Party where Janice helped start the Troy Area Tea Party, Joshua’s Trailblazers and Central Macomb Patriots, and ultimately became the 9th mayor of Troy. Janice now co-hosts a Saturday morning radio talk show on WAAM Talk 1600 AM out of Ann Arbor, MI, and is a regular guest host for Pastor Levon Yuille’s popular Saturday morning radio talk show Joshua’s Trail on WDTK 1400 AM out of Ferndale, MI. Janice has had several articles published in The Oakland Press, Western Journalism, Patriot Update, MCU.Today, and iPatriot. 

James C. Hart is a millennial and has been a conservative activist since 2010 when he worked with U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg’s campaign to recapture the 7th Congressional District seat. He is dedicated to helping support conservative leaders in government and promote conservative causes. He marched in Washington, D.C. for the 45th Annual March for Life. James has a passion for free market and graduated from Spring Arbor University with a degree in Finance as well as certification in financial market concepts from the Bloomberg Institute. He is currently licensed as a Notary Public in Michigan as well as being a licensed as an insurance agent in both Michigan and Ohio.  He successfully ran against two incumbents for a Republican Precinct Delegate slot with 59% of the vote.  He has worked on two successful campaigns for Michigan Rep. Bronna Kahle as well as being the Social Media Director for Lenawee Right to Life.

Alex Larner was the youngest person ever elected to the Eaton GOP Executive Committee. He later came to his senses and ditched the globalist swamp known as the GOP. He has a passion for uniting displaced voters who were left behind or purged from the Democrat and Republican parties when they lurched to the Left. He strives to bring people together based on policy not party, and expose the ongoing Marxist takeover of politics and Christianity. He currently serves as Secretary of the Eaton County TEA Party, IT Director of Grace Bible Church, and Board Member of Generations Community Theater.

 Professor William Wagner loves the Lord. He currently serves as President of Salt & Light Global, an international ministry preserving and shining truth in the culture. William holds the academic rank of Distinguished Professor Emeritus. Prior to joining academia, he served with distinction in all three branches of the federal government, including as a federal judge.