Say NO to Convention of States

A Template for Contacting Your Senator – We have a moral imperative to be the voice of Reason – Please study the content of this message, then CALL YOUR SENATOR AND URGE HIM OR HER TO VOTE NO TO COS!

Dear Senator:

I’m writing to ask that you refuse to support any legislation calling for an Article V “Convention of States”. Here’s why:

1.  Those pushing for an Article V convention have misled people who don’t know:

  • that our Constitution already limits the federal government to a small handful of powers & our problems are caused by ignoring the existing constitutional limits on federal power and federal spending;
  • how we got from our first Constitution (the Articles of Confederation) to our second Constitution (the one we now have);
  • that to get a third Constitution, a convention is needed;
  • that Delegates to an Art. V convention can’t be controlled and have the power, recognized in our Declaration of Independence, to throw off the Constitution we have and draft [and impose] a third Constitution which creates a new system of government;
  • that new Constitutions are already drafted and waiting for an Article V convention;
  • that an Article V convention is so dangerous that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, four US Supreme Court Justices (two Conservatives & two Liberals), among other Brilliant People, warned against it; and
  • that we could get any amendments we want by having Congress propose them (this is how our existing 27 amendments were obtained).

The above is explained and proved in these short & entertaining flyers: federal/state powers, State Flyer, Delegate Flyer, Rescission Flyer, and Brilliant Men Flyer

2.  As the Rescission flyer shows, it is the globalists who are financing the push for an Article V convention.  They use “hooks” – proposed amendments which sound so nice, such as term limits, getting money out of politics, limiting the power of the federal government, a balanced budget amendment, etc. – but it’s bait designed to appeal to specific groups of people to get them to support an Article V convention.

As the Brilliant Men quoted on the Flyer saw, Delegates to a convention can’t be controlled!

The globalists need a new Constitution to transform us from a sovereign nation to a member state of the North American Union and they need a convention to get that new Constitution.  THIS FIGHT IS NOT BETWEEN REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS – BETWEEN CONSERVATIVES & LIBERALS.  This fight is between the Globalists and those of us who want to maintain our existing Constitution and national sovereignty.   

For the Love of God, our Country, and our Posterity, please read the flyers, get informed, and oppose all new applications for Congress to call a convention.

3.  And please RESCIND all of Michigan’s existing applications for Congress to call a convention.  Some of them are over 100 years old!  And please don’t think that Delegates to a convention can be limited by the ostensible subject matter [the “hook”] of an application.  Once Congress “calls” the convention, the Delegates can do whatever they want…..

HERE is the  ALEC model legislation which is very similar to what will be introduced for COSP in Michigan.

The Declaration of Independence, paragraph 2, expresses the right of the people (i.e. convention Delegates) “to alter or to abolish” our “Form of Government.” Michigan legislators need to know that the  subject of the amendment doesn’t matter;  it’s the Article V convention process that jeopardizes our Constitution!

HERE and attached is our  State flyer which explains the dangers of an A5C.   

HERE and attached are words from  brilliant men who warned against an A5C.

Legislators in Michigan have been assured by COSP that legislators will control convention Delegates and set the convention rules.  But this isn’t true!

Article V provides that when 2/3 of the state legislatures  apply for it,  Congress calls a convention. At that point, any convention called under Article V will be out of the State Legislators’ hands.

This  CHART shows  WHO has the power to do  WHAT under Article V.

This ARTICLE shows why States can’t control the Delegates or prevent a runaway convention.


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  1. Actually the original writers of the Constitution included Article V. to allow Citizens (the folks from the States, who wrote the Constitution) to express their concerns, particularly when elected Federal Representatives do not effectively listen to their Constituents! Each State gets one vote in the processes of proposing, amending and presenting a final petition. It would take a mighty-major-miracle for 50 delegates to arrive at final language for even one petition; hence your fear of a runaway Convention might best be defined as “your own personal nightmare.” The current 100 Senators and innumerable House Representatives haven’t been able to arrive at the same Petition language, except for the 26 Amendments that they already wrestled with. Hence the Constitution as written has already been altered that many times before. But never by a group of 50 Citizens, who constitutionally have the right to participate when their, so-called Representatives are not listening effectively. And it is not globalists who threaten the Constitution, it is folks unwilling to recognize that Citizens from the States, wrote the Constitution and are in the best position to help it survive beyond the Conservative/Liberal, Democratic/Republican forays which take place daily as you speak. And there are many Brilliant Women and Men who are Patriotic Citizens who want and will exercise their constitutional powers to defend and better their sovereign nation. Retirement at age 65 ought to happen for most citizens and a maximum of 20 years of government service allows for new brilliant citizens to emerge. And don’t forget, it is Nature and Nature’s God which grants the inalienable rights by which USA Citizens live, not a UNION of unmovable, ineffective, inefficient Conservatives! I say, as so many others have said before: “Give me Liberty, or give me death!” and “Don’t tread on me!” I choose Liberty, Life and the Constitution written by States and their Citizens.

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