Republican State Convention 2019 Venue Empty?

From Conservative Choices newsletter, March 6, 2019

The Michigan Republican convention a couple weeks ago had not one district delegation filled.  Why?

Under a “modified rule” ALL the allocated delegate votes were cast even though many delegates were missing. Thus a delegate in one district counted 1.88 votes, and a delegate in another district counted 1.04 votes. 

In some districts people are elected to the State convention with no intention to show up, keeping out conservative grass roots who would. It is all about control, not building the Party.

It is one of many rules imposed over the last few years that serve to diminish participation by grass roots supporters. Do you think it effects who shows up to knock on doors and make phone calls?

Some conservatives were elected to leadership in the State Republican Party, but not at the top. A couple conservative Vice Chairs were elected and some District officials, a few to Republican State Committee. In some counties not a single conservative was sent to State. 

The GOP has dug a hole. It will have to work hard and embrace conservative principles to rebuild the Party. If they pass tax increases, even a little, it is a deal breaker. Holding your breath?

Conservatives have no joy in this situation. With all its faults the GOP is still closer to conservative principles than Democrats in many cases. 

Sometimes we need to consider behavior modification, and it hurts to discipline. Some are convinced it is necessary. Has the GOP learned from its November whipping? We hope so, and shall see soon. 

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