Regulation and Tax Cuts and Tax Reform will make America Grow again!

Paychecks will be larger and this will spur the economy, create more jobs, and actually generate more government income as a smaller piece of a much bigger pie is actually larger.

The law makes many other great changes. Competitiveness, ending inheritance taxes, border security, ending the ACA personal mandates, this is BIG!!!! YUUGE!

This new law will make significant changes that some of us have worked on for years. More than 38 years to open ANWR, coal exports up 48%, the USA will again be an energy exporter. Your editor was a senior policy office in the U.S. Depertment of Energy working on this. Finall!
We again have great leadership in the White House. We have much to be hopeful for. This is America’s comeback!

Will Michigan be left behind? Lansing, wake up and smell the coffee. We can cut the budget, lower regulations and taxes, and make Michigan competitiveness again!

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