OPERATION WATCHDOG: MCU Legislative Accountability!

Among Bills we are WATCHING:

HB 4220 – Right to choose and opt out of “smart meters”.

SB 637,
Possible testimony at Energy and Technology Committe Thursday December 28, 2017 – Michigan’s 5G wireless infrastructure bill allowing electrical rights of way to be cluttered with small cell towers every 500 ft in the right of ways outside your home and/or place of work; refrigerator-sized telecom equipment in the right of ways outside your home and/or place of work; telecom companies to install more robust utility poles to handle the weight of their small cell towers right outside your home and/or place of work; increased levels of radio-frequency radiation in the environment, cap fees for telecom companies (while WE are charged to “opt-out” of radiation-emitting “smart” meters); give our right of ways away to telecom companies. These utility rights of way are often on your property that you pay taxes for, but restrict your use and enjoyment and freedom to control. Some communities get kick-backs and accept the revenue but still tax you.

House Bill 4968 to prevent conflicts of interest for local officials related to potential wind farm developments. …Glenn’s bill would prohibit local government officials, including planning commission members, from voting on issues where they might financially benefit. ‘Public officials should act in the public’s best interests, not their own financial interests,’ said Glenn on Tuesday in a release. ‘Government officials shouldn’t be voting on wind farm developments if they stand to personally profit from the projects.'”                 ++++++


We are disturbed by what appears to be a rush of Republican legislators who ran on limiting government (e.g. Tedder and Lucido), who have introduced bills to require licensing, fees, continuing educations, etc. for workers. Some are House members running for the Senate. More government interference we do not need! We will report more on this in the next issue.

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