National Popular Vote (NPV) is raising it’s ugly head again. NO! Proportional votes is the right answer!

Conservative Choices Newsletter, Sept. 20, 2018

NPV was introduced last week in Michigan,  Senate SB117 and in the House HB 6323. This in on a fast track.

Contact legislators ASAP!

   Saul Anuzis, a paid agent for NPV is kicking up the dust again seeking to let major metropolitan areas where (Republicans do not challenge, fraud is greater and illegals can vote) to pick our presidents. 

   Saul rails against the rules where states vote winner take all. On that we agree. Nebraska and Maine cast electors by districts with the two at-large votes going to the state winner. That is the best system, and would give presidential candidates a reason to visit “fly-over” states. 

   Michigan has nine Republican members of Congress and five Democrats. Theoretically, those 9 districts have a better chance of going Republican for president. More electoral votes than half of the states have. Put them in play! And similar districts in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, even Minnesota, New York and California. 

  In Michigan the votes in two counties Wayne (Detroit) and Genesee (Flint) often trump votes in the other 81 counties. In Detroit the votes could not be recounted because the ballots were spoiled. The same would be with NPV nationally. 

   Were electors chosen by district votes in just a few rust belt sdtates, the last six president would be Republican. If MPV were used, Hillary Clinton would be president.

   Saul, it cost you your RNC seat and still you do not get it. 70% of the Republican state convention voted against you, the incumbent, but maybe the money is flowing again? Turn down that money and promote proportional votes!

   We do not want Los Angelus, New York City, Chicago and other large population areas that vote huge percentages for Democrats and left wing policies (where Republicans do not even challenge or true the vote, fraud is easy and illegals can vote?) trumping the 2500 more counties who vote more conservative. 

   Electors should be selected by the votes in each congressional district with the two at large ones going to the state’s popular vote.

   See Prager U video defining NPV HERESee Right Michigan Opinion HERE

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