Moore for U.S. Senate? – Supporters “stay fast”

It is hard to know the truth. What happened 40 years ago, and was it “out of line” back then? Why wait until a month before an election to drag this up?

Liberals in both Parties are undermining the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama, broadcasting allegations of improprieties from decades ago. Did the Republican leader really spend $30 Million in the Primary to try to stop Moore? And before this came up? Would Mitch McConnell prefer a Democrat and risk of losing leadership with one changed vote?  Read what NewsMax had to say.

Moore has twice been elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and removed for (1) putting tablets of the Ten Commandments in the Court building, and (2) upholding God’s plan for traditional marriage. Was it creepy to write in a teen’s yearbook? To have coffee where a teen worked? While they have no proof of a touching incident decades ago, they gave a pass to Biden and others for which they have visual and verbal proofs. Video. Remember Chappaquiddick in 1969? It didn’t stop Ted Kennedy from the Senate or a run for President.

Conservatives have to re-evaluate if we should support the “lesser of two evils” being liberal Republicans who have purged conservatives and undermined conservative nominees. Two can play that game. GOP division may well produce massive changes in Michigan government that will take years to overcome.

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