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Here is the schedule for MiCPAC April 26 & 27, 2019. We really hope you can make it. Attached is an updated flier. Please pass it on with your invitation to family, friends, fellow conservatives.


FRIDAY April 26

The Leadership Academy will be called to order on Friday, April 26 at 12:30 PM by Linda Wildern, President, Michigan Conservative Union. It will be held in the “Jefferson Room” in the lower level of Capitol City Baptist Church

The first speaker is Professor William Wagner, Esq., head of Salt & Light Global and Great Lakes Justice center. 

He will be followed by Mike Mears, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Faith Engagement, Republican National Committee.

Stephen Rowe of Leadership Institute will instruct for nearly three hours, on a specially developed curriculum to help us focus on what is required of great leadership, and the methods of obtaining it.

He will be followed by Dawn Dodge, International Speaker, Candidate Coach and Consultant, John Maxwell Certified Coach.

Closeout by Norm Hughes (me) with lessons for Ronald Reagan and other Presidents he has known, and YOU, and 50+ years of business and civic leadership.

The VIP Reception Friday night is in the Jefferson Room, 7 to 9:30 PM.


SATURDAY April 27 MICPAC 2019 SCHEDULE                       

8-9 AM Network, Registration   Continental Breakfast    Hosts Joan Grindel, John Daniele, Mary Sears, Dawn Dodge, Linda Wildern, Darlene Littlejohn, MCU Board

9:00 AM               Alex Larner         Call To Order, Orientation            MiCPAC 2019 Ex. Dir.; MCU Board; 

9:05 AM               Rev. Larry Corell               Prayer   Lutheran Church. Tea Party, Married 53 years. Ret. Transportation Specialist State of Mi.

9:10 AM               Joe Castiglia        Star Spangled Banner     (to be confirmed)

9:15        Lt. Col. David Agema       Islam The Threat; Illegals – numbers and solutions            Frmr. Air Force Lt.Col. RNC, State Rep, Airlines Pilot. Director, MCU

9:35        Sen. Patrick Colbeck       Inside Politics; Building a conservative infrastructure

9:55        Dr. Harry C. Veryser        Free Markets vs. Socialism; Aristotle to Trump   Professor of Economics, Univ. of Detroit – Mercy

10:25     Prof. William Wagner, Esq.           What You Need to Know – U.S. Supreme Court Update                  Distinguished Prof. Emeritus. William Wagner, President, Salt & Light Global;

10:55     Rev. Mark Gurley             M.C. Black Robe Regiment           Oak Initiative; Make Michigan Great Again

11:00     Rev. Christopher Thoma               Defining & Understanding God’s Plan   

11:15     Rev. Tim Berlin  God’s Plan for Our Families & Governance           Pres. Independent Baptist Pastors Assn.; Sr. Pastor, Faith Baptist Church , Warren, Mi.

11:30     Dr. Rev. Daryl Franzel     Political Correctness & Cultural War        

1245:00 PM         Q&A      POLITICAL Correctness 

12:05     Emery McClendon           Preserving Our Freedom              National Tea Party spokesman

12:25 PM             Network & Break                            

12:30     Luncheon            MC- Dr. Rob Steele         Republican National Committee; Heart Surgeon; Entrepreneur

12:35     Prayer   Christina Barr    

12:38-1PM          Thanksgiving feast!         Food Service      Chef Ruth Kring and crew

12:40     video  10:21        How You Living?               https://www.facebook.com/goalcast/videos/1585909778152873/

12:51     Reagan video 3:31           Price of Freedom             https://youtu.be/Q3jqMH0la9I

12:55     Recognition & Pinning    Norm Hughes    Chair, Michigan Conservative Union

                                Linda Wildern, MCU Membership Director          

1:05PM Intro      Dr. Steele, M. C. – Introduction of            

13:10     Booming Economy – Tax and Spend cuts. Energy               Joel Griffith        Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation

13:30     Trump 2020 Strategy & Conservatives    Mike Mears        RNC Director, Strategic Partnerships

13:50     Q&A                     

14:00     Break/Network               

14:05     MCU – 40 years of Tax Limitation               Patrick Anderson & Norm Hughes            Anderson Economic Group

14:15     Campaign Finance           Craig Mauger     Executive Director, Michigan Campaign Finance Network

14:30     Election Fraud   Janice Daniels    MCU Director; Realtor; Talk Show Host, Author; Former Mayor of Troy

14:37     Ballot Security   Marian Sheridan               Lakes Area Tea Party; Michigan Trump Republican; MCC

14:50     Personal and Group Security      James Hafeman                Police & Military, Ret.; College Security Instructor

14:57     Tom McMillin     Actions we need at SBE Mi. State Bod. Of Education; Former legislator, mayor, council member

                Adjourn to BREAKOUTS               

15:02     Education            Bruce Barlond, MC          MCU Director. Chair. Eaton County Tea Party

15:10     Tom McMillan   MI. Public Schools and Establishment     Michigan State School Board

15:20     David Kallman, Esq.         Home & Alternative Schools       Great Lakes Justice Project

15:30     Melanie Kurdys Eliminate USDOEd; Choice; Local Control               Board, USPE (Parents In Education); SCCIM

15:40     Q&A & Discussion                           

15:02     Energy  Jay R. Taylor, MC              MCU Board; CEO at EagleNEXT Advisors; Retired General Motors Exec.

15:07     Utility Money buying policy/legislators   Craig Mauger     Executive Director, Michigan Campaign Finance Network

15:17     Utilities plan to binge on rate increases  Patrick Anderson             Anderson Economic Group

15:27     Macro Policy Issues         Norm Hughes    Chair, MCU; Frms. Senior Policy Adviser for Energy to Pres. Reagan

15:37     Health Risks -5G, “Smart” Meters, etc.   Dr. Angie Colbeck            Medical Doctor

15:47     Q&A                     

15:02     Group Organizations & Growth Linda Wildern MCs          President, MCU.

15:09     UPCPAC; UPCU; USTP    Mary Sears         Vice Pres., MCU; Supervisor, Franklin Twp.

15:16     MEDEFCO; Staying Steady            John Daniele, M.C.          Dir. & Past President, Michigan Conservative Union; MEDEFCO

15:25     Transitions; MCU Affiliates          Jerry Allen, Randy Bishop, Shane Trejo  Members, MCU; Antrim CU; 10th Amend. Center; Fighting for Principles

15:40     Discussion and Share Information                           

16:00     Outreach – youth, vets., minorities          Dawn Dodge, M.C.          Vice Pres., Republican Women’s Federation of MI.

16:07     Knowing, Reaching, mentoring Youth     Madilyn Mellon Parcells Middle School in Grosse Pointe

16:14     On College Campus         Adam Edward Green      MSU James Madison Conservative Club

16:21     Urban Communities       Tyrell Bundy       Vice Chair, Michigan Republican Party; Entrepreneur

16:28     Reaching & helping Veterans      Tom Norton       Veteran, Past Village President

16:35-45               Q&A                     

16:45     Closing Arguments          Randy Bishop. MC           Antrim CU; Patriot Radio

16:50     Digital Communications & Excellence      Stephen Rowe  Leadership Institute, Deputy Director, Digital Training

17:10     Our Next Steps!               Norman R. Hughes          Chair, Michigan Conservative Union

17:30     Wrap Up              Randy Bishop    

Get your tickets by clicking here on Eventbrite!

Get your tickets by clicking here on Eventbrite!

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