MCU Action Summit -2020 Conference – Mark Your Calendars!!

Michigan Conservative Union is proud to announce that our dynamic, educational, inspirational networking conference will be held at a first rate hotel and conference center this year. SO, please mark your calendars and look for updates coming soon!!

VIP Reception – in the evening of Friday, April 17, 2020 – promises to be a great opportunity to network, wine and dine with local and national leaders, activists and true Patriots – all in one lovely banquet hall in the conference center … more details to follow!

Rooms will be available – stay the night – after the VIP reception, just go up to your room – no driving needed – a benefit that is priceless.

Political Action Conference – all day Saturday – April 18, 2020 – is the one day where you can communicate, listen, learn, enjoy spending the day with people who are as dedicated as you are to fixing our Constitution (which is) In Crisis – work with some of the best people in the nation and in Michigan, so you can continue helping to Restore Our American Republic!!

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