Michigan Senate to “Surprise” the People By Quickly Passing “Convention of States” Bill to Ultimately Amend U.S. Constitution

UPDATE: October 21, 2019 ALERT

A little bird told us that the Convention of States Project (COSP) is actively working with a certain Michigan Senator and gathering co-sponsors for their application to the U.S. Congress for an Article V Convention (A5C) from Michigan. This is dangerous to our freedom, and we are asking all members, Tea Party groups, and citizens of Michigan to immediately contact the Michigan Senate and House members to stop this! Contact information is listed below. Email all members in the Legislature and specifically call your Senator and House member.

We expect COSP will come out of the woodwork with their Resolution(s) sometime within the next week or so. 

Let’s get out in front of them now before they get started! We don’t have a bill number, because the legislation hasn’t been introduced yet.

Informative literature is included below for download:

************ Message *******

Dear Legislator: I’m writing to ask that you refuse to support any legislation calling for an Article V “Convention of States”. Here’s why:

1.  Those pushing for an Article V convention have misled people who don’t know:

  • that our Constitution already limits the federal government to a small handful of powers & our problems are caused by ignoring the existing constitutional limits on federal power and federal spending;
  • how we got from our first Constitution (the Articles of Confederation) to our second Constitution (the one we now have);
  • that to get a third Constitution, a convention is needed;
  • that Delegates to an Art. V convention can’t be controlled and have the power, recognized in our Declaration of Independence, to throw off the Constitution we have and draft [and impose] a third Constitution which creates a new system of government;
  • that new Constitutions are already drafted and waiting for an Article V convention;
  • that an Article V convention is so dangerous that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, four US Supreme Court Justices (two Conservatives & two Liberals), among other Brilliant People, warned against it; and
  • that we could get any amendments we want by having Congress propose them (this is how our existing 27 amendments were obtained).

The above is explained and proved in these short & entertaining flyers: federal/state powers, State Flyer, Delegate Flyer, Rescission Flyer, and Brilliant Men Flyer

2.  As the Rescission flyer shows, it is the globalists who are financing the push for an Article V convention.  They use “hooks” – proposed amendments which sound so nice, such as term limits, getting money out of politics, limiting the power of the federal government, a balanced budget amendment, etc. – but it’s bait designed to appeal to specific groups of people to get them to support an Article V convention.

As the Brilliant Men quoted on the Flyer saw, Delegates to a convention can’t be controlled!

The globalists need a new Constitution to transform us from a sovereign nation to a member state of the North American Union and they need a convention to get that new Constitution.  THIS FIGHT IS NOT BETWEEN REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS – BETWEEN CONSERVATIVES & LIBERALS.  This fight is between the Globalists and those of us who want to maintain our existing Constitution and national sovereignty.   

For the Love of God, our Country, and our Posterity, please read the flyers, get informed, and oppose all new applications for Congress to call a convention.

3.  And please RESCIND all of Michigan’s existing applications for Congress to call a convention.  Some of them are over 100 years old!  And please don’t think that Delegates to a convention can be limited by the ostensible subject matter [the “hook”] of an application.  Once Congress “calls” the convention, the Delegates can do whatever they want…..

HERE is the  ALEC model legislation which is very similar to what will be introduced for COSP in Michigan.

The Declaration of Independence, paragraph 2, expresses the right of the people (i.e. convention Delegates) “to alter or to abolish” our “Form of Government.” Michigan legislators need to know that the  subject of the amendment doesn’t matter;  it’s the Article V convention process that jeopardizes our Constitution!

HERE and attached is our  State flyer which explains the dangers of an A5C.   

HERE and attached are words from  brilliant men who warned against an A5C.

Legislators in Michigan have been assured by COSP that legislators will control convention Delegates and set the convention rules.  But this isn’t true!

Article V provides that when 2/3 of the state legislatures  apply for it,  Congress calls a convention. At that point, any convention called under Article V will be out of the State Legislators’ hands.

This  CHART shows  WHO has the power to do  WHAT under Article V.

This ARTICLE shows why States can’t control the Delegates or prevent a runaway convention.



TO DO: Let’s remind Michigan  Republicans that this issue is so controversial, it will split the party during the 2020 election year. If you’re a conservative or Republican, let the Republican legislators know!

If you live in Michigan, in addition to writing, please contact your State Senator and State Representative in person or by phone.

Please write all 38 Michigan Senators and 110 House members and ask them NOT to co-sponsor, and to vote against any application from Michigan asking Congress to call an Article V convention.  Then scroll for the House. Here is how to send the emails:

  1. Copy the above message between the “***” sections, modify it to suit your style (or create your own, unique message), and paste into an email message.
  2. Copy the first group of emails shown below (“Senate Republicans (22) – Dear Senator:”) and paste into your “bcc:” line (blind copy), then insert your own name in the “To:” space for the email to be addressed to you, with the blind copy to Legislators.
  3. Add a Subject: “Do Not Support an Article V Convention of States” and send it.
  4. Add your Name, City and State at the end.
  5. Repeat 1 & 2 above for the other email groups below – Senate Democrats, House Republicans, and House Democrats.

Senate Republicans (22) – Dear Senator:

SenTBarrett@senate.michigan.gov; SenJBizon@senate.michigan.gov; SenJBumstead@senate.michigan.gov; SenKDaley@senate.michigan.gov; SenKHorn@senate.michigan.gov; SenRJohnson@senate.michigan.gov; SenKLasata@senate.michigan.gov; SenDLauwers@senate.michigan.gov; SenPLucido@senate.michigan.gov; SenMMacDonald@senate.michigan.gov; SenPMacGregor@senate.michigan.gov; SenEMcBroom@senate.michigan.gov; SenANesbitt@senate.michigan.gov; SenROutman@senate.michigan.gov; SenJRunestad@senate.michigan.gov; SenWSchmidt@senate.michigan.gov; SenMShirkey@senate.michigan.gov; SenJStamas@senate.michigan.gov; SenLTheis@senate.michigan.gov; SenCVanderWall@senate.michigan.gov; SenRVictory@senate.michigan.gov; SenDZorn@senate.michigan.gov;

Senate Democrats (16) – Dear Senator:

senbalexander@senate.michigan.gov; SenJAnanich@senate.michigan.gov; senrbayer@senate.michigan.gov; senwbrinks@senate.michigan.gov; senmbullock@senate.michigan.gov; senschang@senate.michigan.gov; senegeiss@senate.michigan.gov; senchertel@senate.michigan.gov; senahollier@senate.michigan.gov; senjirwin@senate.michigan.gov; sensmccann@senate.michigan.gov; senmmcmorrow@senate.michigan.gov; , senjmoss@senate.michigan.gov; sendpolehanki@senate.michigan.gov; senssantana@senate.michigan.gov; senpwojno@senate.michigan.gov;

Now please  write all 110 Michigan House members  and ask them NOT to co-sponsor, and to vote against any application from Michigan asking Congress to call an Article V convention.  

 House Republicans (58) – Dear Representative:

LynnAfendoulis@house.mi.gov; ThomasAlbert@house.mi.gov; JulieAlexander@house.mi.gov; SueAllor@house.mi.gov; JosephBellino@house.mi.gov; RyanBerman@house.mi.gov; AnnBollin@house.mi.gov; TommyBrann@house.mi.gov; JulieCalley@house.mi.gov; TristonCole@house.mi.gov; KathyCrawford@house.mi.gov; GaryEisen@house.mi.gov; DianaFarrington@house.mi.gov; GrahamFiller@house.mi.gov; BenFrederick@house.mi.gov; AnnetteGlenn@house.mi.gov; RepPhilGreen@house.mi.gov; BethGriffin@house.mi.gov; MattHall@house.mi.gov; RogerHauck@house.mi.gov; ShaneHernandez@house.mi.gov; MicheleHoitenga@house.mi.gov; PamelaHornberger@house.mi.gov; GaryHowell@house.mi.gov; MarkHuizenga@house.mi.gov; BrandtIden@house.mi.gov; LarryInman@house.mi.gov; StevenJohnson@house.mi.gov; BronnaKahle@house.mi.gov; BeauLaFave@house.mi.gov;

EricLeutheuser@house.mi.gov; SarahLightner@house.mi.gov; JimLilly@house.mi.gov; JamesLower@house.mi.gov; MattMaddock@house.mi.gov; SteveMarino@house.mi.gov; GregMarkkanen@house.mi.gov; LukeMeerman@house.mi.gov; AaronMiller@house.mi.gov; MikeMueller@house.mi.gov; JackOMalley@house.mi.gov; BradPaquette@house.mi.gov; JohnReilly@house.mi.gov; DaireRendon@house.mi.gov; AndreaSchroeder@house.mi.gov; JasonSheppard@house.mi.gov; BradleySlagh@house.mi.gov; ScottVanSingel@house.mi.gov; GregVanWoerkom@house.mi.gov; HankVaupel@house.mi.gov; RodneyWakeman@house.mi.gov; MichaelWebber@house.mi.gov; PaulineWendzel@house.mi.gov; JasonWentworth@house.mi.gov; MaryWhiteford@house.mi.gov; DouglasWozniak@house.mi.gov; JeffYaroch@house.mi.gov; LeeChatfield@house.mi.gov;

House Democrats (52) – Dear Representative:

sarahanthony@house.mi.gov; KyraBolden@house.mi.gov; JulieBrixie@house.mi.gov; WendellByrd@house.mi.gov; SaraCambensy@house.mi.gov; DarrinCamilleri@house.mi.gov; TyroneCarter@house.mi.gov; BrendaCarter@house.mi.gov; JohnCherry@house.mi.gov; JohnChirkun@house.mi.gov; CaraClemente@house.mi.gov; KevinColeman@house.mi.gov; BrianElder@house.mi.gov; JimEllison@house.mi.gov; LaTanyaGarrett@house.mi.gov; AlexGarza@house.mi.gov; SherryGay-Dagnogo@house.mi.gov; ChristineGreig@house.mi.gov; VanessaGuerra@house.mi.gov; JimHaadsma@house.mi.gov; AbdullahHammoud@house.mi.gov; KevinHertel@house.mi.gov; JonHoadley@house.mi.gov; RachelHood@house.mi.gov; KaraHope@house.mi.gov; CynthiaAJohnson@house.mi.gov; JewellJones@house.mi.gov;

SherylKennedy@house.mi.gov; MattKoleszar@house.mi.gov; PadmaKuppa@house.mi.gov; DavidLaGrand@house.mi.gov; DonnaLasinski@house.mi.gov; FrankLiberati@house.mi.gov; LeslieLove@house.mi.gov; MariManoogian@house.mi.gov; SheldonNeeley@house.mi.gov; KristyPagan@house.mi.gov; RonniePeterson@house.mi.gov; LauriePohutsky@house.mi.gov; YousefRabhi@house.mi.gov; IsaacRobinson@house.mi.gov; TerrySabo@house.mi.gov; NateShannon@house.mi.gov; timsneller@house.mi.gov; WilliamSowerby@house.mi.gov; LoriStone@house.mi.gov; JoeTate@house.mi.gov; RebekahWarren@house.mi.gov; KarenWhitsett@house.mi.gov; RobertWittenberg@house.mi.gov; AngelaWitwer@house.mi.gov; tenishayancey@house.mi.gov;

Thank you for defending our Constitution!


  1. It’s so sad to see you guys so mislead. In a COS:
    o States define the limits of their delegate’s actions
    o Whatever amendments (not a constitution) are proposed, they must be ratified by the states
    o The problem IS CONGRESS. They will not reform themselves, or propose such amendments. Feel free to dream on…without fighting our best chance.
    If I were invested in maintaining the status quo in Washington, I would fight COS.

    • Thanks for your comments. No amendment to the US Constitution can fix our problems. Our problem is IGNORANCE AND MORAL DECLINE.

      And when someone wants to do a REALLY REALLY stupid thing – we mustn’t compromise by agreeing to do something which is “only” REALLY stupid. And a “balanced budget” amendment (BBA) is the 3rd worst idea since Sin. It actually legalizes spending which is now UNconstitutional. Our Constitution as presently written limits spending to the enumerated powers. But a BBA creates a completely new constitutional authority to spend money on whatever the President and Congress want to spend money on.

      Please read 5 or so papers on this – here is the most recent: https://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/balanced-budget-amendment-the-solution-or-deathblow/

    • Talk about mislead. COS and its wishful thinking followers. On defining the limits of delegates.. ARTICLE V expressly only establishes two authorities: States to Apply and Congress to Call a Convention when 2/3 of the States apply under same wording. Amendments proposed can go to the state legislatures, or, to conventions in the state. Congress will be in charge of which one as they have done in the regular way in which we have gotten our Amendments. 21st Amendment went to conventions in (some) states. No Dreams here, nor wishful thinking. The constitution is not defective nor was it designed to fix political problems. The real problem is an uninformed electorate. Please also read how uninformed conservatives help facilitate leftist desires to transform the constitution to serve their purposes.

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