Michigan GOP could drop support for justice over reapportionment vote and other bad decisions.

From Michigan Conservative Team Newsletter 8/23/18

The Michigan Republican Party apparently will nominate Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Clement at its convention Saturday despite her numerous bad decisions since being nominated by Gov. Snyder last November

Clement must seek election in November for a full eight-year term, joined with another Snyder appointee, Justice David Viviano, and two Democratic-nominated justices – Richard Bernstein and Bridget McCormack – to allow the Democrat/Liberal reapportionment proposal to end a system of drawing political lines by elected officials that has benefited Michigan Republicans in recent years.

Clement and Viviano flipped the Court by again voting with the two Democrats to allow school districts to ban guns in violation of State gun laws.

Clement has become a rebel on the Court, siding with Democrats on this and other matters, including Court orders. In one case they overthrew long standing Michigan Common Law on liability by allowing a social guest to sue the host for her own negligence. Viviano is straying. with her.    Read More Here

In the reapportionment decision the new cabal was insulting. disparaging and dismissed the Republican Rule of Law judgesThis should offend those who nominated and worked to elect a Republican majority.

The issue was a reapportionment scheme that puts an unelected commission in charge of drawing district lines for congressional and legislative seats. The Commission would be appointed by the Secretary of State. Thus Democrats will be all in on taking that position. Read Detroit News Article

Clement faces the Republican State Convention. Lack of Friday night caucuses denies delegates the opportunity to confront or ask her about these decisions.

Perhaps delegates should try to talk with her, launch some type of protest by turning their backs on her, refusing to vote for her, Republican Loyalty signs, walking out, or other. Use your imagination! 

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