Michigan Conservative Union (MCU) announces new Board Chair, Officers and Directors for 2019-20 at Its Annual Meeting in Mecosta, Michigan

Linda Wildern, Board Chair


The Kirk Center and Library, Mecosta, Michigan | Saturday, June 8, 2019

Michigan Conservative Union (MCU) announced today the election of Linda Wildern as the new Board Chair for 2019-20. Active in Michigan politics for many years, Wildern was formerly MCU President and currently serves as a Precinct Delegate and State Committee Woman for her County.  She has served on the State, District & Local GOP Committees for seven years.  She has also served on several State and National Committees related to her profession and college level education/ accreditation.  

Also on Saturday, long-time MCU Chair Norman Hughes was elected to become Chair Emeritus, with the full Board recognizing and thanking Norm for his continuing leadership and devotion to the cause. Changes in Officer responsibilities included former Treasurer Jay R. Taylor being elected to serve as MCU President; former Secretary Dairus Reynnet elected to become Treasurer; and Janice Daniels elected to the position of Secretary. Re-elected to serve an additional two-year term on the Board were Directors Bruce Barlond and Darlene Littlejohn. Cindi Holland of Livingston County was also elected to the Board of Directors for a two-year term.

Michigan Conservative Union is Michigan’s oldest and most respected conservative political organization since 1975. Its focus is on encouraging conservative governance throughout Michigan by helping to changes minds through education and sharing. Its news and events are included on their website at MCU.Today.

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