Michigan Budget FY 2018 Not Good For Michigan

We say ... Fix the Roads With NO New Taxes ...

Gov. Snyder’s 2019 Budget goes up to $56.8 Billion!  Read it Here

… and will take Health and Human Services up to 44% of the budget!

The 2011 Michigan Budget was $44 Billion. Health was 29.3%. Education 32.1%

Why aren’t the roads fixed? It is not a priority.

The Health Care budget has exploded under Republican leadership, exceeding even education which has gone up nearly TWO Billion dollar$ a year under Gov. Snyder, despite losing thousands of students and quality slipping.

Ask the candidates where they will cut the budget! And Taxes!

The Governor’s budget seeks to get 40% from the Federal Government, as they passed a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention to balance the Federal budget which itself, is 40% out of balance. They wouldn’t pass  0.2% tax cut, and the Feds couldn’t make a 1% sequestration stick. How will they balance the budget?  A 40% tax increase would need to occur!

Will our next Governor and Legislature continue this fiscal mess?

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