MCU Speaker’s Bureau

A Michigan Conservative Union Statewide Initiative

Please review our list of notable speakers, and the topics on which they are proud to speak about at your meeting or conference.  Contact Michigan Conservative Union at to coordinate having one or another speaker at your next event!

Dave Agema

  • Illegal Immigration
  • What is Islam    

Pastor Tim Berlin

  • Legislative Data to Empower The People
  • Electing Godly Men Who Lead by the Holy Spirit

Janice Daniels

  • PA-1 Constitutional Compliance
  • Election Fraud and What We Can Do About It!

Dr. Rev. Daryl Franzel

  • Bold Christianity
  • Faith in the Political Arena
  • Not PC But Doctrinally Accurate

John Mularoni

  • Media Relations
  • Political Crisis Management
  • The Real Enemy:  Globalist Progressive Socialists

Mary Sears

  • Local conservative governance

Jay R Taylor

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • Election and Voter Fraud
  • 5 G Technology
  • Spending Control

Pastor Chris Thoma

  • Church and State/Religious Liberty
  • Natural Law/Life
  • America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage

Prof. Harry Veryser

  • Austrian Economics – the Free Market
  • Progressivism vs Conservatism
  • War and Peace

Professor William Wagner

  • The Scope of Gov’t Power
  • Interpreting the Constitution
  • Unalienable Value of Life

Linda Wildern

  • Recruiting and Rallying Precinct Delegates

Rev. Dr. Richard Zeile

  • Understanding School Boards
  • Dumbing Down America
  • What Would a Smart Education System Look Like?

These lists are not all inclusive – Contact MCU to discuss the possibility of having a specific speaker address pending legislation, campaigns, or a different subject matter of importance to your group or mission. Please note that some speakers may incur certain expenses, such as travel, to participate in your event.