Justice Center Calls on Governor to Remove MCRC Commissioners Violating the Law

Published by Salt & Light Global,  July 31, 2018

Commissioners on the Michigan Civil Rights Commission (MCRC) continue to defy the law. Moreover, they continue to violate their oath of office; the Great Lakes Justice Center calls on the Governor to remove these commissioners.

The Governor holds a constitutional duty to inquire into the administration of the MCRC.  Accordingly, he must review the acts of his appointed officials. Under the Constitution he holds the power to remove commissioners acting with malfeasance.


On July 24, 2017, leftist activists asked the MCRC to expand the state’s Civil Rights Act (CRA). They wanted to add new categories: sexual orientation and gender identity. The CRA protects rights based upon “religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, familial status, or marital status.” Assistant Attorney General Ron Robinson, told the commissioners that they “[did not] have the authority to re-interpret the civil rights act.” Consequently, he informed them that such an action exceeded the scope of their power. Above all, Robinson told the commissioners that the power to amend the CRA resides solely with the state legislature.

On May 21, 2018, the commissioners defied the legal advice. They voted to add categories to the CRA. The commission’s action added gender identity and sexual orientation, categories explicitly rejected by the legislature numerous times.  The legislature’s repeated refusal to redefine the CRA leaves no ambiguity as to the meaning of the CRA.

The A.G.’s Ruling

Thereafter, at the request of the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader, the Attorney General issued a formal legal ruling. The ruling invalidated the action of the MCRC:

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission’s Interpretative Statement 2018-1, which concludes that the term “sex” as used in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act includes sexual orientation and gender identity, is invalid because it conflicts with the original intent of the Legislature as expressed in the plain language of the Act, and as interpreted by Michigan’s courts. Click here to read the AG Opinion in its entirety:   #7305 AG

Citizenship at its Best; Government at its Worst

The AG’s ruling is the law for state government entities. On July 23, 2018 citizens testified before the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.  Every citizen testifying asked the MCRC to follow law. Executive Director Augustin Arbulu arrogantly responded by continuing to defy the law. First, he rejected the legally binding ruling. Sec   READ MORE HERE

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