Join Us at MiCPAC Conference on Saturday, April 7 – For your Faith, Family, Country & Cause!

Click here to register today!  Conference is Saturday, April 7.   Optional VIP Reception and Campaign ToolKit Training is Friday, April 6.  Live Streaming now available!

Among the greatest tools of the Michigan Conservative movement is the annual MiCPAC conference where we meet up, network, train, and strategize —  working together to champion the return to liberty, freedom, and conservative governance.

There is no more important place for you to be if you want to be all you can be and be your most effective.   The MiCPAC Conference is truly a classic that gets so much done!

Sign up here for the conference:

  • Campaign Tool Chest, Friday, April 6th from 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm
  • VIP Reception, Friday, April 6th from 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Conservative Political Action Conference, Saturday, April 7th –
    • Registration from 8 am to 9 am with continental breakfast,
    • Conference from 9 am – 5:30 pm with a full course lunch served around noon.

Join Michigan’s true conservatives in Holt, Michigan just south of Lansing. Featured speakers include:

  • John James, US Senate candidate
  • Senator Tanya Shuitmaker
  • Possibly Speaker Tom Leonard
  • Larry Bass
  • Larry Pratt, Executive Director for Gun Owners of America
  • Professor William Wagner, Great Lakes Justice Center
  • Publius Huldah, noted Constitutional attorney
  • Judge Michael Warren, author of Patriot Week
  • Rebecca Kiessling, Author of Conceived in Rape book
  • Emery McClendon, national patriotic Tea Party speaker
  • Dr. Harry C. Veryser, Professor at U of D-Mercy and author
  • Bishop Dr. Ira Combs, Jr, Pastor, author, teacher
  • Representative Gary Glenn, Chair, Michigan House Energy Committee
  • Kimberly Buffen, CEO of Kaykim Academics, LLC
  • Linda Wildern, MCU Membership Committee
  • Mary Sears, VP Michigan Conservative Union, Township Supervisor
  • Many more!

In addition to the Conference:

  • If you are a candidate, or supporting one, be at the Campaign Toolchest the afternoon of April 6, flier below. Awesome experts from the Leadership Institute and Unique Strategies will lay out a plan, a campaign manual, and very effective tools to plan, strategize, recruit, fund, manage and win campaigns. Come learn from the best!
  • If you want to support the cause financially and network with Michigan’s top conservative leaders, come to the VIP Reception Friday night, April 6, 2018.

Also – students from MSU under the scholarship (free) ticket program. If you have a student who is interested, let me know!

NEW — The Michigan Conservative Union (MCU) CPAC event will now be streamed LIVE on the Internet to your laptop this Saturday from Holt, Michigan for only $25.00!

Just go to and click on Live Events, then click on the Watch/Listen icon, enroll in MiCPAC, and pay with your credit card in one step.

The Event  will begin Saturday, starting at 9:00 a.m. Eastern and run through the day until 5:00 p.m.

Sponsoring groups for this important conference include Michigan Conservative Union, Michigan Freedom To Work, UpRight Michigan PAC, Heritage Foundation, Leadership Institute, USPIE (US Parents Involved in Education), John Birch Society and others. We have added two of the US Senate candidates (limited to policies, not campaign), at least one Attorney General (Shuitmaker; Speaker Leonard is also sponsoring) and SOS candidates all of whom are sponsors. We will have reports from several key groups in our coalition who have made BIG victories this year like repealing TOST regulations and stifling windmill farms – what we can replicate elsewhere. We will have sessions on defending the Constitution, taxes, energy (more competition, cutting rates, stopping “smart” meters), health care (transparency) and education.

And we will have flash reports  (5-7 minutes each) on women’s groups in Michigan politics and how they are advancing a conservative agenda,  Thayrone X on the impact of conservative talk radio (his first talk since Linda’s demise, and I think he is really geeked about it; he is on a mission!), Larry Bass of the Barry County Tea Party on their repeal of the Eaton/Barry County TOST regulations, Melanie Kurdys about a National Education board she serves on that is trying to return education to local schools and close down the US Dept. of Education, Janice Daniels with an accurate assessment of the march of Islam in Michigan, Joan Grindel will discuss the re-apportionment ballot issue, and we will have a security expert on considerations we should make to keep our groups and meetings safe. And Lemon (channelling Hendricks) James will play for us.

It’s ready now for your signup if you can’t attend in person!


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