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The Preponderance

America 2021 – Part 7

James H. Hafeman | November 11, 2019

Veterans’ Day; the day after the Marine Corps 244th Birthday

Reminiscent of the Nazi book-burning days, today’s censorship by the neo-Nazis is at a fever pitch on college campuses and across the Internet.  They have not yet reached the need for violent retribution against Jews and Christians, at least not until they’re enemies have been completely disarmed, but through the courts they’ve successfully imposed their secularist ideologies throughout the nation.    

When a disturbing large percentage of citizens jump to embracing others they fail to fully understand, they often create a permanent and irreparable vortex of despair within their own cultish pagan culture.  Couple this delusion with politicians that are incapable of planning and assessment and you end-up with, well, California and Washington, DC.

Recently, without a whimper, Kellogg’s engaged in normalizing pedophilia and the new religion of Homolism by convincing children through their All Together Cereal freak show box that it’s okay to frolic with questionable cartoon characters.  Children are not only living in fatherless homes, but they’re constantly being indoctrinated by the neo-Nazis at home, in school, and now on a frickin’ cereal box.  What happened to Kellogg’s Youth Foundation, which was established for the education, advancement, and empowerment of youth?     

The world is burning around them, quite literally in California, and the neo-Nazis believe a climate crisis is real and is caused by humankind, yet they insist on opening the borders and creating sanctuary cities in order to import millions more carbon-producing consumers into the US.  Like the VA scandal, most disturbing is the fluctuation between political leadership and any level of oversight on any government program once it’s in place.  Career bureaucrats also enter various stages of apathy once they’ve become safe and secure in their positions and ultimately could care less which political entity is in charge.     

But in a nation where freedom most often prevails over the ills of contemptuous youth and their irreverent political allies and is predominantly overshadowed by the wondrousness of self-actualization and self-reliance, America still stands a chance of continued recovery.  

Among the collection of dimwits running for the Democratic nomination, which one actually has a clue about the job they currently have, much less the job as president?  The lady who was in the military perhaps?  No, you’ll never find an honorable veteran or police officer that is a Democrat for so many obvious reasons, but the first is their obligation to their oath.  And, the truth should be known that if anyone working in law enforcement or within the military who identifies with Democrats, that person is in the wrong profession; protecting the Constitution above their personal interest is not in their immoral fabric – if anyone is ever inclined to think it okay to come to your door to confiscate your firearms despite no illegal activity on your part, it would be them.           

How about that dazzling gray-hair ultra-racist coot Bernie Sanders?  Sorry, if he was too stupid to know in 2016 that the Democrats would screw him over but now thinks it’ll be different, he shouldn’t be trusted to wash your car even  if you hang on to the keys.  He has no interest in winning the nomination much less becoming the President; he’s in it for the money and his own self-perceived glory, period. 

While Democrat politicians are out there giving their sales pitch to those who still want to believe in the Democrat Party, their history of wanton disregard for citizens once in office isn’t accurately showcased.  The Democrats haven’t been the Party of the working man since, well, ever.  Also, they’ve never been the Party for minorities, quality education, or any form of equal reciprocal rights, ever.      

So, what are some unfulfilled  real-life social justice grievances that need to be addressed by the DC politicians of any political ilk over the next 13-months, or  better yet, once this batch of ingrates have been purged from Congress? 

LIVING WAGE: $31,200 per annum is the proposed “living wage” by the leftists, but they’re talking about those in entry-level jobs; they’re not talking about senior citizens living pay day to pay day while paying for supplemental plans for the Medicare Program, which they’ve paid into for some 45 to 50-years during their working years.  Nope, seniors are irrelevant and unimportant.   

While the 16 to 26 year-olds are perhaps working in order to pay a car loan, insurance, weekend marijuana, and possible credit card bills, most likely they still live at home with their parents or share the cost of an apartment with others of similar circumstance. 

Senior citizens on-the-other-hand may have paid-off their mortgage, but they are not only obligated to purchase some Medicare Part-crap plan, they still pay property tax, home electric, heating and cooling bills, ever increasing cable or dish ransom notes, and like their underlings they may still have auto loans, insurances, and perhaps some credit card bills to pay-off.  Add to that picture health issues and prescription medications for seniors.

And sure, no matter whom you are if you’re not eating-out regularly or being fed by parents or by the cooks in the county jail, there are astronomical grocery bills that remain from the Democrats’ fun-filled economic collapse and oil crisis days.  But, if you do somehow survive by dining-out, just wait until those stuffing your to-go bags earn $15 an hour, then you too shall feel the shock-and-awe burn of the Democrat simpletons running for office.

It should be kept in-mind that this promotion of a $15 an hour living wage comes at a time when well over half of the younger generation lacks work ethics and maturity.  How long will they keep a job if they don’t bother showing-up for work, spend half their time doing whatever on their I-Phone, or cop an attitude because a customer is wearing a Trump hat?  Okay, the latter may be a prerequisite to work in a Starbucks, but generally speaking most business owners prefer an apolitical posture in the community.                      

SOCIAL SECURITY: Representatives from neither side of the aisle is discussing increasing the limited $17,640 earnable wage for retirees under 66 years of age who are still working.

Seniors still work because they want to, and/or to make-up the void in workforce shortages and/or they’ve realized the serious underpayments from their life-long investments in Social Security.  And yes, even though they’re collecting Social Security, they not only have to pay their Medicare and Social Security pay check obligations, which doesn’t add an increase in benefits, but they also have to pay income taxes on both their earnings and SSTF checks.   

The reality of Social Security is that many opt for early retirement because there is no substantial difference between drawing at 64 and waiting to age 66.  If at age 66, no matter what your income was during your working career, you would jump from the current level to the $31,200 per year; those who weren’t independently wealthy wouldn’t retire until age 66.

Then the other problem with Social Security is its violation of contract.  Those who started to pay into the Program when full retirement age was 65 are now forced to wait until age 66 and 67 to draw the full retirement benefit.  And those making over a $100k-plus who were no longer required to pay into the SSTF, are still eligible to draw the benefit based on their earnings prior to making the big bucks.       

Remember, in 1993 Bill Clinton and his Democrat allies infused Social Security earnings into the income tax.  Social Security and Medicare taxes remain non-deductible and haven’t been considered tax-deferred for individuals like an IRA contribution essentially because the employer gets to tax deduct their 50% match.  It’s called a government program.

Wouldn’t it seem more logical if employees and employers contributed directly to a 403(b) and a non-government medical savings account, which the government had nothing more to do with than ensuring retirement and medical funds provide continuity and sustainability?  If a citizen contributor dies, shouldn’t the family get the IRA and unspent medical funds?  

Then there’s the comparison between recipients of the SSTF “benefit” and those living in counties that took President Reagan’s opportunity to bail-out of the SSTF.  The Galveston Plan is a good example of a free-market alternative to Social Security. 

However, politicians that get upset because the middle class citizens are getting way too comfortable with their retirement benefits, have a tendency to collapse the economy like they did in 2007.  The reassertion among leftists that they want another economic collapse to destroy the middle class retirement savings needs to be taken seriously by voters.          

HEALTH CARE: Like the Social Security Trust Fund, Medicare has been mismanaged by Congress since the 1960s.  Both programs, which should have been fully solvent and self-funded by this time in our history, should serve as good indicators on what happens when the politicians oversee government programs.  In-fact, Medicare should have been so well funded that seniors should be enjoying dental and vision coverage in addition to a no co-pay plan.  Perhaps, with such a dominant authority, prescriptions that only treat symptoms without providing a permanent cure would have to become obsolete. 

And if the good-intentioned citizens on the left think that their government-funded (single-payer) “free universal health care” is the cat’s meow, just wait until all private insurance companies are defunct and they end-up paying 50% of their wages to prop-up the VA and Medicare-types of mismanaged health care plans.  Someone should stick a camera in these proponents’ faces and ask what the term single-payer really means.

The conversation about government-funded health care should include a cost-benefit analysis regarding any remaining incentives for citizens to become doctors and nurses.  As most citizens already know, the IRS and TSA don’t hire the best and brightest; that’ll be no different in the world of government provided health care – the VA is a prime example.      

GUN CONTROL: On another health-related issue, politicians felt good about closing mental institutions across America and controlling their fellow citizens with mentally-challenged conditions through chemistry.  They’ve exposed the most vulnerable people to the extreme elements of the outdoors and failed to correct the challenges of the homeless and mentally unsupervised.  The mentally ill probably don’t vote, so why bother?

While there is no law currently on the books that will prevent a determined whack from obtaining firearms, including in south Chicago, there is only one logical way to intervene in a possible mass-shooting plan; reporting suspicions.  But here’s the crux; there is little that law enforcement is authorized to do when a report of suspicion is received.  Nor should they be permitted to do more than a cursory investigation.  Retaliatory reporting is also an issue.

The feel-good red flag laws are just another step to infringing on the rights of all citizens. 

Red flag laws — also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) or Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs) — enable law enforcement, and sometimes family members and other concerned parties, to petition a judge to remove guns from individuals who pose a threat to themselves or others. 1         

Recall this earlier sentence: No, you’ll never find an honorable veteran or police officer that is a Democrat for so many obvious reasons, but the first is their obligation to their oath.  If you ever have police officers showing-up at your door to confiscate your firearms without your request to do so for health reasons or they have a legitimate court order after your due process, they are not acting within the scope of their oath of office.  In such cases it would be understandable to first turn over your ammunition, one round at a time.   

IMMIGRATION: First, let’s dispel the notion that a person who willfully trespasses against the lawful will of citizens is somehow a migrant – they’re a criminal trespasser, or if you prefer, an illegal alien.  According to Bernie Sanders, we have a half-million Americans living on the streets, yet rather than making any attempt to resolve that issue, which is mostly a mental health dilemma, the left wants to get more money to spend on things that is really counterproductive to prosperity and take care of those criminal trespassers instead.

GUN LAWS: The first question to ask when drafting a gun law is what is its purpose?  So far the only purpose the Democrats have for their gun laws is to disarm law abiding citizens so the citizens have no civil defense once the communist-Democrats no longer need an election to stay in power.  Currently the only logical conclusion is that the government needs to keep the guns out of the hands of anyone who’s a Democrat, including those working within the government.       

The Preponderance America 2021 – Part 6

Jim H. Hafeman – August 08, 2019

The Mao Revolutionaries in America have become popular with the millennial generation in the US and abroad, but those promises of an endearing and benevolent dictatorship isn’t as popular among the self-taught critical thinkers of the Z-generation.  The independence of the Z-generation has the establishment so freaked-out that the principle gatekeepers hope to offset the onslaught of the conservative Mindset with undereducated, appreciative voters imported from other oppressive nations to help establish the US as a new oppressive nation.

But there’s more to be optimistic about going into the 2020 Election.  The Baby-Boomers have grown weary of the lies, infringements, false-witnessing, continued threats against their retirement portfolios and failure to properly educate their generational off-spring. 

Boomers seen the scams time and again; affordable health care, abortions will be safe, legal and rare, the suggestion that the Constitution is a living, breathing document, which needs to sway with the times like embellishing civil rights to include the psychotics and the assertion that their government is well managed and on their side.            

Circumventing the power and authority of the American citizens specifically provided in the Constitution for the United States America, a document figuratively etched in stone that does not bend nor sway to the whims of the times, is one of the biggest threats against the power-seeking whacks.  Free-thinking independent citizens, particularly the oath keepers in the military, veterans, local and state law enforcement and the citizens who remain armed, are also major obstacles in the way of the lefts’ attempt to turn the USA into a Euro-Asian fascist freak-show state.   

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Thomas Jefferson

God always provides the right people at the right time.  This was demonstrated time and again in American History; the Tea Party activists, the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln and those men in the Union and Confederate armies, later drafted to fight World Wars and in foreign lands like Korea and Vietnam.  Eventually we once again benefit from the voluntary fighting men and women, currently serving in our armed forces and in other uniformed services. 

We’ve benefited from inventors, doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers, and strategic bold investors; most recently we’ve benefited from the election of Donald J. Trump

Then-again, we also have the wrong people at the wrong time in the wrong place, but that’s where the rest of America comes-in on November 3, 2020.  The political prostitute franchise in Congress are making big bucks with promises of a happy ending is a lot like putting diesel in your gas tank; it may get you thirty-feet from the gas pump, but the rest of your time and money is wasted trying to fix your mistake. 

Doing the same thing again with an expectation of different result is, well …. You know.  

So what are the Democrats and the leftist Republicans going to use as a motivation for their voters to renew their contracts?  The dumbass bills they wrote and passed?  Perhaps they’ll just run on their overt ultra bigoted, racists, and socialists’ agenda by finally admitting that they’re anti-Constitution, Christian, capitalist, gun, and voter; proudly touting those leftists’ qualifications during town hall interviews as they wave the less oppressive Flag of Mexico? 

Perhaps they’ll face their constituents and tell them sorry, we couldn’t fix health care, save Social Security and Medicare, ensure stable energy and protect your vote because we were too busy trying to make-up crap just to impeach Trump.  Suggesting anything otherwise would be blatant deceptions of who they really are as dedicated Realpolitik fascists; those in the process of ripening from their infancy stage toward an all-out totalitarianism world. 

Who shall be in-charge of a nation or world if not the people?  Who will make the money and live well based on their authority if not the people? 

Which is better for a nation; punitive taxation of the wealthy or a government spending within its means?        

As the Democrats endlessly campaign on controlling more aspects of the citizens’ lives with a growing irresponsible and unaccountable government, they continue to try to ensure citizens that they may well indeed pay a great deal more for such suffocating endeavors in taxes, but it’s for their own good and it’s in the name of the antiquated term social justice

Free health care, college tuition, living income, and now Tiny-Tot Indoctrination Camps, all administered and paid for by government through the generosity of working taxpayers through the taxation of capitalistic endeavors.  These are promises no working citizen can afford, not even the wealthy.  Throw climate crap on the leftists’ ideological bonfire and poof; no more liberty and individual solvency – never to be seen again.            

The Ryan-Rove Republicans were herded-up with their back sides facing those fierce cultural winds-of-change, exposing their testicles for easy banding by whack-a-doodles

The corporatists oligarchy, despite what the grassroots socialists may fantasize about, are the very creatures that they’re promoting and empowering.  Then, perhaps it’s also time for tort reform and automatic reverse-judgments; the latter demanding an equal amount being paid to the defendant that was sought by the plaintiff, including attorney and court costs.

Then there’s this threat of a government-run government-paid health care system being promoted by the lefties.  They’re in-charge of the House so wouldn’t it be their first priority to put themselves on the system they’re promoting along with all government employees, including Supreme Court justices?  It will surely be far better managed than the VA system, Medicare, Social Security and DONOTCALL.gov.    

The prospects for any competing promises of personal and national security, safety, liberty, prosperity, and privacy are only touted by The Donald and a handful of Freedom Caucus and silent representatives, which promotes and defends those citizens who don’t subscribe to the leftists’ facilitated decline in cultural norms, especially promoted by those Four Nags of the Apoplectic.    

That leads us to screening political candidates. 

The Democrats want to see Trump’s tax returns, as if they somehow have an ability to find something the IRS couldn’t in their annual audits.  Perhaps citizens would find it beneficial to peruse through the tax returns of those candidates seeking a seat at the state or federal level.  But frankly, who gives a crap?

What we should give a crap about is a candidate’s trustworthiness.  It should be mandated that persons seeking office in the legislative, judicial and executive branches undergo a thorough background check by two independent agencies; one conducted by a state agency where the candidate resides and the other by a designated federal agency.  Those performing the backgrounds would meet to discuss their findings and would then issue a joint one-word finding: “Qualified”. 

Qualified would indicate the candidate meets or surpasses requirements for an individual to be assigned a top secret clearance.  There would be no release by the investigators on an individual they found to be untrustworthy, which could set up investigators for civil suits.  However, the finding of Qualified should be required before a candidate can appear on a ballot, including for reelection.  

Wrapping-up, it would benefit each American contemplating their votes and in-turn the future of the United States to watch the FOX Business Town Hall videos.  Everyone should note that there is no democracy in a social-democratic government; only an oligarchy of benefactors’ squeezing out the nation’s wealth for their own self-interests. 

“Whenever the government provides opportunities and privileges for white people and rich people they call it ‘subsidies.’ When they do it for Negro and poor people they call it ‘welfare.’ The fact is that everybody in this country lives on welfare. Suburbia was built with federally subsidized credit. And highways that take our white brothers out to the suburbs were built with federally subsidized money to the tune of ninety percent. Everybody is on welfare in this country. The problem is that we all too often have socialism for the rich and rugged free enterprise capitalism for the poor. That’s the problem.”  – Martin Luther King Jr. – Miami, FL Source

Manage your country through your vote by first seeing whose bankrolling who at:

https://www.opensecrets.org/ and at https://www.openthebooks.com/

[Donald J. Trump disappointed me when he signed HR 3877.  To be more accurate, I was incensed!  My wife had to talk me down with creative reasoning.  We’ve learned that making any decision based on an emotional reaction is highly destructive and can generate regret.  I was compelled to delete a portion of the article written before DJT’s signature, but it’s not DJT’s fault that we gave him a Congress of pathetic ne’er-do-wells.]   

The Preponderance

Yellow Journalism – Censorship – Treason and Sedition

By James H. Hafeman | June 23, 2019

Yellow journalism, censorship, and deliberate acts of treason and sedition could easily dub the opening years of the 21st Century as the Anomie Years.  Add the venality of the Teflon Clintons, spying on US political campaigns, and kicking-in the doors of unarmed political players at zero-dark thirty, which was conducted to advance a conspiratorial agenda, has compromised the virtues of the republic’s constitutional foundation of integrity.

The media compromises national security through undisclosed sources, undermines the veracity of the President on the international stage whenever possible, and places political bull’s eyes on the backs of all political opposition; Jews, Christians, law enforcement, vets, and all other conservative voices.  With all the media hoopla regarding Russian collusion, not one member of the leftist media asked why Donald J. Trump wasn’t on the FISC warrant.

This level of desperate desperation by the fascists hell-bent on escalating the United States to a communist state is very telling.  Obama fired dozens of experienced generals, yet even with his cronies in-place the military remained loyal to the Constitution and the citizens.  On the whole, the integrity of members of the military is not for sale, which currently protects the United States from becoming an autocratic nation like Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.     

But, the lefts’ desperation to appear relevant and legitimate began earlier, near the end of the 20th Century with the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.  It became imperative for the DNC that Al Gore win the 2000 Presidential bid in preparation of finishing the closing chapter of the US Constitution; the use of false-flag climate change vernaculars would have provided a solid initiating catalyst.

The Supreme Court became a crucial element in the overthrow of the Constitution.  Obvious attempts to remove personal rights while expanding government authoritarian rights were witnessed in Kelo v. City of New London and more recently several appointed piss ant judges protecting and supporting the rights of illegal aliens over American citizens demonstrates the motivations of the leftist judiciary.    

However, it wasn’t necessary for Gore to win after all.  Adding to the Crime Bill of 1994, it took the Senate one-month to write the Uniting and Strengthening America (USA Act) and less than two-months for Congress on the whole to pass the Patriot Act, which was evidently a less daunting task than shoring-up the Social Security Trust Fund and Medicare. 

The Justice Department under Bill Clinton’s Administration knew the 9-11 attacks were in the process of being planned, but did not order any counter-terrorism actions on the actionable intelligence, nor did they alert the incoming GWB Administration.  Later, his wife would be just as passive with known preplanned acts of terrorism and subsequent lying in an attempt to distort the truth and redirect the blame, which added to their legacy of corruption

The investigations into the 9-11 attacks were a fiasco layered with obstruction,  Gorelick ran interference during the 9-11 hearings, Berger stole confirming documents from the National Archives, and Weldon came too close to busting it wide-open and needed to be silenced.      

Curt Weldon and Joseph McCarthy should have statues outside of the Capitol Building.  Both need to be recognized as American political heroes that risked it all in the pursuit of truth.  Both are victims of yellow journalism, government bureaucrats, and the rewriting of history by those refusing to own their own contributions to the influx of seditionist-leftists into the culture, media, education, and a large part of the governments around the United States; all who remain unapologetic for the woes they inflicted on Americans, especially minorities.    

President George W. Bush, the kind of milk toast compromising Republican President the Democrats prefer, took it in stride with the lefts’ assumed good intentions, but with obvious ill means to extremely bad ends.  The Bush Dynasty had helped create that political society. 

The Patriot Act opened the door to authorized surveillance of potential domestic terrorists, monitoring banking transactions, collecting communications data, which included Amendment II proponents, and created new privacy-invading departments like DHS and the TSA.  While DHS may serve a handful of legitimate concerns that affect our national security, taxpayers ended-up funding the TSA to keep privately-owned aircraft from being exploited. 

Unchecked senses of superiority led to Fast and Furious, spying on journalists, using the IRS, FBI, NSA, DNI, and CIA to target political opposition.  There is massive internal corruption, vote-buying, colluding with Russia to sell weapons-grade uranium, paying-off hostage takers, spending huge sums of money to board-up taxpayer funded amenities in retaliation for the government funding dispute, TARP I & II, and an unprecedented level of malfeasance and misfeasance throughout the Washington, DC politically-oriented bureaucracy.

·         March 22, 2012 – The Obama administration announces new rules that will allow millions of U.S. citizens’ government files to be copied and analyzed for terrorism clues

·         February 11, 2013 – Rep. Maxine Waters reveals Obama’s ‘secret database’ that has ‘everything on everyone’

·         June 2012 – The FISC report reveals the Obama administration conducted political surveillance as early as mid-2012

·         August 31, 2018 – Testimony by FBI lawyer Trisha Anderson reveals extensive role in Trump, Clinton investigations

·         May 24, 2019 – Southeastern Legal Foundation files FOIA request for FISC records on Carter Page

The Leftists creatively destroyed millions of untraceable chip-free used cars, implemented digital TV signals to monitor household political and viewing tendencies, facilitated privacy violations by leftwing corporatists and globalists, destroyed the structural integrity of US automobiles, escalated oil prices and taxes to keep the poor’s mobility in-check and forced their immorality into the lives of innocent children.

These anti-American initiatives by the American Fascists were successfully accomplished despite the lefts’ inability to disarm citizens.  The fundamental changes to America have been implemented, unchallenged, and without a drastic change in Congress, permanent.   

The leftists prevented new, modern oil refineries from being built so gas prices would be forever unstable.  They forced electric plants off of coal in favor of natural gas while decommissioning pollution-free hydroelectric dams.  They confiscated wage-earners’ assets for not subscribing to a government run health care plan instead of providing tax incentives for subscribing to a private insurance provider.        

Anyone who questions the destruction of America by the Fascists is censored.  In-fact, those standing in opposition to the Fascists’ ideologies of high regulations, unaffordable taxation, and the national ruination by overspending are dubbed Fascists by the Fascists.  Isn’t that ironic; the Fascists don’t know they’re Fascists but think those who aren’t, are – these people are obviously the products of our government-run public education system.

But, it won’t stop there.  Once businesses and industries are forced to liquidate because they can’t afford the taxes and meeting the requirements of the overwhelming regulations, the governments will step-in with programs to assume control of the “necessary for the people” operations, like the health care system and General Motors; that is the very definition of leftwing Democratic-socialism, or more descriptively accurate, communism.

Currently, your vote is cast in a two-story outhouse.  In some parts of the country your vote doesn’t matter and where same-day voter registration if permitted by the States, it’ll get a lot worse.  Illegal alien votes and illegally cast votes are intentionally permitted simply because they favor those who are permanently in-charge; the Democratic-Fascists.  

If there were honest elections on both sides, the communists wouldn’t be so enthused with the elimination of the Electoral College for presidents and would probably demand it right down to local elections to keep-down the influences of mob-rule votes.  Just kidding; both the leftwing communists and rightwing libertarians prefer mob-rule voting; it keeps both sides happily doped-up with taxpayer-funded rehab organizations to fall-back on.

Everything a socialist country has was engineered and built by capitalists before citizens gave-up their country for dependence on “free stuff”.  Every so often someone like Trump gets into office who actually tries to fix the government bureaucracy to work again on behalf of the citizens with the utmost levels of integrity, but is summarily destroyed.

Leftist on-the-other-hand likes to promise that they’ll complete projects that appeal to the citizens.  Citizens will in-turn elect more socialists for a period of time, usually until the citizens realize they’ve been scammed and start bitching about all the pot holes, disintegrating water pipes, and economic collapse.  But eventually it just becomes too late and bitching will get you a prison sentence or an execution.           

America 2021 – Part 5

By James H. Hafeman | May 2, 2019

Semper Fidelis!  Always faithful; always loyal – interchangeable terms, but essentially meaning a strong allegiance to the Constitution for the United States of America, to citizens, to each other and ultimately to Yahweh.  The United States Marine Corps’ motto lives-on well after the days the men and women actively served their nation.  It’s a military thing.   

I was wearing my Marine Corps jacket on my way home from Mi-CPAC in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, which I purchased while visiting MCRD Parris Island during the weekend of the Marine Corps Birthday last November.  A Navy Medic who served in Vietnam shook my hand and we had a brief conversation and thanked each other for our service.  Hitting the head (restroom) immediately after the conversation another gentlemen entered the head and boldly stated, “Semper Fi Devil Dog!” – No veteran is a stranger to another veteran. 

That pride and sense of belonging active duty military members and veterans share is now shared throughout the American landscape by Trump supporters.  Among American patriots there is a necessary need for a strong sense of reciprocal loyalty, which includes those within their family, church, work environment, government, and even politicians.  The New America is exhibiting signs of expectations for those serving them in government.

The left doesn’t seem to have an appreciation about what it truly is to be a loyal participative American citizen.  Essentially, the left lacks any level of expectations for those living among them; no scores in sports, academics, and individual achievements or lack thereof.  They also seem to have no fear of eternal damnation; abortion, euthanasia, slothfulness, adultery, coveting, eugenics, and the growing trend of bearing false witness.

While no man can stand in judgment of another man’s soul, it has become the pastime for many on the left to judge others with vengeful contempt in their hearts.  Their false gods are not recognized by most Americans in the same dim spiritual light.  Sadly, many of these similar types of men and women have taken hold of America’s political parties. 

The battle between good and evil has reached another historical and Biblical apex.  Political parties’ slate elections, which are comprised of likeminded individuals running on an up or down vote, have infiltrated local party politics.  These dominant political hacks have tainted the political process in an attempt to overthrow local political parties, which in-turn attend state conventions to chose “their” Party’s candidates. 

The intentional ousting of conservatives in the GOP and blue dogs in the DNC is leaving the voters few options.  There are tons of examples on both sides; in the GOP McCain took the nomination and Obama received the DNC nod for the 2006 Presidential Election.  Bob Barr was a leading contender among disenfranchised Republicans until Song Bird McCain brought Sarah Palin on board. 

McCain’s failures after his nomination began when he muted Palin’s vibrant repertoire and subdued any lambasting of comrade Obama.  McCain was weak and highly compromised.

Before America learned of his true colors, Mitt Romney could have been a better candidate, but his timidity and unprepared retorts led to his political demise among the GOP’s public popular vote.  Mike “Chuckles” Huckabee threatened to put Americans on a diet; as a result he ended-up asking his Evangelical supporters to support McCain.  It was a battle between the devout Christian right and the Mormon Nomad who wasn’t sure where he wanted to live.      

The future political spectrum will be to 1) allow Party ramrods to choose candidates at party conventions, 2) eliminate the Electoral College, and 3) nullify millions of honest votes.  Like the thugs in Germany’s National Socialist Party, those of the same socialist left collectively see themselves as the determiners of the statists’ government oligarchy.

This leads back to the implied reciprocal loyalty doctrine shared by patriotic Americans. What a citizen expects of their representatives and governments in Russia, Iran, North Korea and China is completely foreign to the citizens living in the United States; at least it used to be so.  Today there’s an alarming trend among some citizens to have their government give them everything they want – that’s what they “want” and not what they need.

Perhaps the Oath of Office for Congressmen, which was enacted in 1884, is too complex:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” 1    

In America, the voters are supposed to be the determiners of their representatives’ goals and objectives.  The voters do so either through popular (mob) vote or the visionary Electoral College.  The representatives then become the loyal determiners of how the American government is operated, funded and overseen.  When the representative fails to honor the wishes of the citizenry they would be fired in the next primary or general election.      

President Harry S. Truman did what President Donald Trump should do; order a loyalty investigation throughout the national government.  As a businessman, and not a lawyer, President Trump most likely has an appreciation for the fiduciary duty of loyalty:

The [fiduciary] duty of loyalty has three key components: (1) the director must not usurp corporate opportunities for personal gain, (2) must avoid engaging in interested transactions without board approval, and (3) must maintain the organization’s confidential information.2                               

The essence of today’s America can be summarized in one poignant question, “Do you trust your government and the collective representatives that oversee that government?”

With utmost certainty about your response to the above question, then we need to determine as Americans, who have witnessed the malfeasance and misfeasance of political offices at all levels of government, should not trust Congress and their bureaucracy at this time with your family’s health care needs, shoring-up Social Security, ensuring fact-based education, legal immigration standards, national safety and security, and with those tax dollars you and your fellow workers provide through your labor and work ethics.

The breakdown of the federal government, which was created and once controlled by the states, has been systematically replaced in favor of a more leftist nationalized government.  This manifestation will be coming to a head shortly in the Supreme Court, e.g., although voters in the states have authorized the decriminalization of marijuana the current national government still retains dominant authority over illegal drugs. 

Professor William Wagner, President and CEO of Salt and Light Global, indicated that under the Commerce Clause in the Constitution the national government is given authority in the regulation of legal and illegal drugs.  It’s similar to the mandated Demoncare decision that suggests because fines, penalties and IRS requirements are a tax, it’s constitutional.     

However, there must be a balance shared between the States and national government.  Utilizing the judiciary branch of government the leftists’ have created a political Jekyll and Hyde.  The Ninth Circuit overturned the California voters’ victory for marriage protection.  Judges have blocked Presidential authority to protect the nation’s borders and obstructed both Congress and the White House efforts to gain control of a government run amuck, unless it’s based on immorality and corruption, then many courts defend the practices. 

The Constitution is not a living, breathing document.  [Please note the period at the end of that sentence.]  The words written therein were solid, clear and unyielding until the illiterate and ill-intentioned leftists assumed power and authority over the Constitution, including the constitution in some states.

The fanfare by the left in hopes of denying President Trump another term as our President has yet to reach its crescendo.  Currently they’re climbing over each other to get the endorsement of the archaic and sociopathic political king-making contributors like sold-out union bosses, anti-gunners, infanticide proponents, Hollywood’s Scientologists, league of climate-change environmentalist, and other dregs of society.    

The left will continue to court Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security recipients with their usual election cycle threats about the conservatives taking away their benefits, even though most of these leftists hold office and have done nothing on behalf of any of them.  But, they’ll most certainly take decisive action as soon as they’re elected president!

The left must ensure their future successes by re-writing academic text books, tearing-down statutes dedicated to their former political and military leaders, and launching a deflection campaign to continue accusing conservatives for all the woes among America’s minorities, middle class, producers, consumers, and the victims of crime in no gun zones that the left had actually incited.    

The conservatives could use the same tactics as the progressives, but they have nothing to be ashamed of over the past 150-years, except perhaps their sheepish inactions, which allowed the progressives to get away with screwing Americans, figuratively and literally.  

The conservatives need more full-time fighters like Jim Jordon and fewer part-time fighters like Lindsey Graham.  Perhaps in 2020 some strong, motivated, and honest citizen will throw their hat in the ring to challenge either their RINO or Yellow Dog Democrat in the Primary.    

America 2021 – Part 4

By James H. Hafeman | April 23, 2019

The United States of America is rapidly approaching its 250th Birthday, yet we’re still in debt.

Prior to ratification of the 16th (income tax) Amendment in February 1913, the federal government managed its few constitutional responsibilities without an income tax, except during the Civil War period. During peacetime, it did so largely — or even entirely — on import taxes called “tariffs.” Congress could afford to run the federal government on tariffs alone because federal responsibilities did not include welfare programs, agricultural subsidies, or social insurance programs like Social Security or Medicare. 1

Nearly every politician has become wholly addicted to taxpayers’ money.  They creatively come up with new ways to legally bilk wage-earners out of their money and implore citizens to vote for them because others, who are not willing to make huge campaign donations, need to pay their “fair-share”.    

If Congressional rules and regulations don’t bankrupt you and your retirement portfolio, or your assets aren’t confiscated by the new AOC-brand commie to pay for their new system of social justice, greenness, and reparations, then retirement, and in your own way your service to God, should fill your final days with some comfort and joy.  That’s a big IF! 

The debt clock’s warning is even more critical today. Two factors that allowed the U.S. debt to grow safely are now being withdrawn. First, the Social Security Trust Fund took in more revenue through payroll taxes leveraged on baby boomers than it needed. Ideally, this money should have been invested to be available when the Boomers retire. In reality, the Fund was “loaned” to the government to finance increased deficit spending [LBJ Unified Budget]. This interest-free loan helped keep Treasury bond interest rates low, allowing more debt financing. 2

It is without question that freedom is based on your economic ability to enjoy mobility, afford some luxuries, and have no worries about being able to pay your monthly utility bills.  Being debt-free, i.e., no mortgage, car payment, credit card debt, or payments due for a student loan is remarkably liberating.  Wouldn’t it be grand if Congress grasped the idea?

The standard cost-benefit assessment for individuals and families is paramount in working on personal economic well-being.  By the time a US citizen turns 40, or maybe 50 for those who change jobs and homes more frequently, they should be entirely debt-free.  If there’s not enough in a bank account to be debited, then it can’t be afforded. 

Loans, especially a refinanced mortgage and a new car loan should become passé in every household working toward financial independence. The accumulation of cash, marketable precious metals and diverse stable-growth investments as years go on helps advance your household’s freedoms.  Add to these items emergency provisions like cans of beans, water and a few extra propane tanks or bags of charcoal for your outdoor grill.    

How many politicians have stepped-up to the microphone at a town hall meeting to announce they’ve cut the government spending in order to balance the budget?  How many will publically admit that government they oversee is too large and intrusive; only DJT?

The bottom-line in taxation is how quickly a dollar is recycled through the state and national treasury. Those on the right want it to be a slow process; those on the left want it to be almost instantaneous – pay roll deductions help ensure citizens remain unaware of the tax schemes, which is why you’ll find small business owners far more inclined to be conservatives.         

Where the American voters have gone wrong for over the last century plus is the granting of authority to levy and increase taxes on their livelihood.  To iterate, there is no such thing as a free man if they have to pay their government a biannual stipend to live on their homestead.  Property taxes are a huge burden on taxpayers, especially if they retire on a fixed income, lose a job, or become physically disabled for any extended period of time.

Sales tax also drives-down individual prosperity.  Many states and the national government also impose a punitive tax on some products. The federal and state income taxes are in many ways vindictive toward the middle-class and punitive toward people who government views as earning too much money.  Impeding mobility whether to a minimum wage job or to fuel a farm tractor, gas taxes are also taking their toll on Americans.

Because of the 2007-2008 government-imposed energy crises, ground beef went from $2.33 per pound in 2008 to $3.73 per pound in 2018.  However, prices for ground beef in grocery stores in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are closer to $4.99 per pound today – it’s as if cows became unionized.  Despite domestic oil production at an all time high and gas prices should be more like those in Saudi Arabia, the fickle oil prices are over $60 per barrel

Domestic oil prices should be $40 per barrel or less and the oil being exported should be around $75 per barrel.  But, because of embracing globalists’ dictates US gas prices remain high and punitive to low-wage earners. Every policy, rule, regulation and tax implemented from the left has little effect on wealthy contributors but cripples those least able to afford it.                     

With the 2020 Election around the corner, voters have to evaluate their personal economic situation.  Is it selfish not to want to pay unnecessary and punitive taxes?  Should the fiscal variances between households be taken into consideration at tax time?  Should energy prices like propane and natural gas used for heating homes be so high that some households need to decide how their income will be distributed?    

While elected left-wing officials are excited about liberating your income from your use, they can’t manage their own responsibilities and priorities, especially those in compliance with the permissions granted in the Constitution and otherwise denied by the Constitution. 

By 2009, rising health care costs were consuming the federal budget. Medicare and Medicaid cost $676 billion. That was 19 percent of the total budget of $3.5 trillion. Payroll taxes only cover half of Medicare and none of Medicaid. This so-called mandatory spending also included federal and veterans’ pensions, welfare, and interest on the debt. It consumed 60 percent of the federal budget. Congress knew something had to be done to rein in these costs. 3   

Here’s the thing; if representatives in Congress were serious about health care affordability, they would have made it a standard household and business deduction at 100%.  Some households have fewer medical and insurance costs, but that should not delineate from getting the full deduction for their household medical, dental, hearing, and vision costs.

On the topic of reducing private insurance premiums, the governments’ failure to reimburse health care providers at a fair-market rate results in health care providers billing insurance providers at a higher rate to make-up for the lost government-provided revenue.  Like any government program, Medicare is unnecessarily complex and expensive to operate.

Enjoining health care insurance costs resulted in the loss of personal assets as a result of a medical crisis.  Michigan has a catastrophic fund in-place, but that’s for automobile accidents.  Logically, to protect the assets of citizens there should be a private insurance catastrophic fund set-up for all long-term disabling injuries and chronic illnesses; all insurance premiums should be assessed a predetermined amount to fund a nation-wide catastrophic fund. 

But no, those who have no problem delivering an infant and killing it upon the determination of bed-side chat with the mother and advocating euthanasia for non-productive citizens want the government to receive your insurance premiums instead so bureaucrats can determine your worthiness in receiving health care services.  These same people will continue to fund a gender change, but deny disabled veterans necessary health care. 

The United States of America is in the midst of crisis, but it’s voluntarily self-induced.  What was once reserved for California, New York City, and Chicago, has permeated the national political fabric. Citizens knowingly elect Bozos that are incapable of functioning at a level above an imbecile and then the citizens wonder why they can’t afford to fill their gas tank, own a firearm, meet annual co-pays, or buy groceries for their family. 

At some point voters will have to recognize that the politicians and government they created has become way too big for their britches.  If voters don’t engage in a responsible proactive form of check-and-balances, one day their vote will become completely irrelevant in the eyes of the government they enabled. 

The 2020 election is not only about America’s moral fiber, it’s about ensuring the citizens’ right of pursuing happiness and their God-given right of self-determination and prosperity.  Like a union contract, once you give-up a benefit it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get it back.   

America 2021 – Part 3

By James H. Hafeman | April 15, 2019

Lawyercracy versus Lawyercracy highlights the current true news trends. 

The Obama White House lawyers allegedly conspired with the Department of Justice lawyers and FBI lawyers to allegedly mislead the FISC lawyers and various federal district lawyers in order to allegedly discredit a Presidential candidate running against a lawyer being allegedly protected by the DOJ lawyers, and then, when those unlawful instruments of slander and libel failed, the corrupt lawyers allegedly recruited more lawyers, this time seated members of Congress, to allegedly try to overturn a lawful national election through those same fictionally-based crimes and misdemeanors, which may historically dwarf the Teapot Dome Scandal and Watergate scandals by the tenth power, but not as catastrophic as the 9-11 cover-up, which resulted in the murder of nearly 3,000 people in 2001.     

While the statute of limitations may run-over with Barack Obama because he never removed himself from the District of Columbia, all other persons associated with the criminal cabal may have no such benefit.  However, if proven that justice was intentionally impeded to protect the alleged cabal criminals, which effectively prevented justice, which was owed the American citizenry, the statute of limitations may be lawfully extended even on Obama and Ms. Jarrett. 

But it should be noted here, it’ll be a gaggle of lawyers that will make the final determination regarding any lawful reset of the limitations and any resultant prevailing criminal charges.

What we do have today are several guilty pleas to federal charges by associates of both the Trump Campaign and Trump himself, which were allegedly acquired under false pretences.  In-fact, if all evidence was gleaned through the fictional foundation of the investigation, than all has effectively become the fruit of the poisonous tree and therefore becomes worthless. 

As established in the SCOTUS Decision of Franks versus Delaware, obtaining a search warrant under false pretenses extends to all evidence and testimony unlawfully obtained through such falsely acquired warrants:

(c) If, after a hearing, a defendant establishes by a preponderance of the evidence that the false statement was included in the affidavit by the affiant knowingly and intentionally, or with reckless disregard for the truth, and the false statement was necessary to the finding of probable cause, then the search warrant must be voided, and the fruits of the search excluded from the trial to the same extent as if probable cause was lacking on the face of the affidavit. Pp. 155-156. 1         

Former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions could have chosen to either not recuse himself or appointed a second Special Counsel to investigate collaborative allegations that the Clinton Campaign, in cooperation with the Democratic National Committee, Obama White House, foreign nationals, members of the Justice Department and the FBI conspired to affect an election by drafting a fictional dossier and plant fictitious evidence and repeat allegations of Russia collusion among the Trump Campaign officials, including President Trump himself, but as we learned, a second Special Counsel was unnecessary. 

US Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been investigating, and ostensibly building a definitive case regarding the abuse of the FISA Program for over a year. 

Horowitz announced the initiation of the FISA abuse investigation in March 2018 after requests from both then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Republican members in Congress. The lawmakers claimed the Justice Department and FBI had abused the FISA process and misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in their investigation and surveillance of President Trump and his associates during the campaign, as well as during the Trump administration. 2

But, as many Americans outside of the buttercup brigade know that utilizing domestic and foreign sources to affect the outcome of an election has become rather traditional on the left.  Remember the IRS was used to retard the growth of the TEA Party Movement and millions in foreign monies were allegedly used to prop-up the leftists’ campaign coffers.      

It may be many years before US departments and agencies can recuperate their lost integrity, if at all possible.  Although on the surface there were key players in the national spy-gate scandal and subsequent cover-ups, a great deal of suspicion is shared among Americans that persons lower on the food chain were also culpable either through their actions, or most probable, inactions.  But in all fairness, where would they turn to file a complaint against their superiors?  No one yet really knows how deep the corruption goes.

As for the protectionists in Congress who were running interference while deliberately and knowingly asserting and advancing false allegations, they too many be exposed under the brilliant light of truth.  Some, like their false-witness brethren, may fall into the hands of the justice system, but others will need to be culled from the herd by their constituent voters.    

America 2021 – Part 2

By James H. Hafeman, April 5, 2019

The 2020 Presidential Election will be the most interesting in US History.  Every billionaire and foreign agent will be in bedlam trying to figure-out which Democrat pinhead they’re willing to waste their money on in hopes of purchasing a future President.               

So now we have to ask, “Is America dominated by the white privileged?”  Not even close. 

What we have in America is green (money) privilege; race is factually irrelevant.  We could go as far as to classify these elitists and wannabe elitists as Green Supremacists; they include those benefiting from the fictitious man-generated global climate crisis to those environmentalists that survive through donations by the very ignorant; they’re considered the Watermelon-wing of the Green Supremacists. 

But what is most perplexing is that the Green Supremacists are anti-capitalism.  Their individual entrepreneurship has little to do with their continued growth and success.  In other-words these leftists primarily thrive on the backs of the taxpayer, government rules and regulations, and numerous anti-competition protections.    

People who are overpaid for their ability to pretend to be someone else and those who reap their wealth based on their athletic skills too often find it necessary to judge others, bear false witness on those they oppose, and interject their useless advice to the rest of America.  The plausibility of a majority of these freaks of nature having an analytical brain or embracing their natural gifts as a blessing is nominal at best.       

One would think that those who were brilliant in their achievements would be far more empathic with the rest of their countrymen.  Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zukerberg, and Chris Sacca should all be among the peoples’ and Trump’s staunchest supporters, but they’re more like the fascist George Soros and the communist Tom Steyer.

Then, when it comes to unions, the anti-prosperity movement is even more perplexing.  Union bosses would rather have their membership vote for a Watermelon or wealth-drainer over a capitalist who knows what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.    

Try not to make sense of the union bosses’ vigorous support of people who enthusiastically promise to destroy industries that utilizes skilled labor and bleed company profits with regulations and taxes.  Instead of doing their job, they ignore the strong empirical evidence against relying on employers to provide union retirees with retirement benefits for life and entrusting anything to the government oligarchy and entrenched career bureaucrats.            

Purchasing a politician is one thing, but purchasing a President in 2020 will be a very complicated endeavor for the Green Supremacists, especially when the independent incumbent has no interest in their coercive green-backs and a majority of lawful citizen voters know it.  Even their censorship purchases haven’t paid-off as well as they hoped.

Functioning like the Mafiosi and drug cartels, the green elite purchase politicians and then in-turn are provided with K Street kick-backs based on legislative protection, control, interference, and granted territories, whether physical or binary.  As witnessed for the last few years, the political puppets have been well paid to turn a blind eye toward malfeasance, corruption, treason and sedition committed by fellow embedded coconspirators.  

Numerous members of Congress are obliged to do as they’re told by their puppet masters, regardless of the systematic fallout on the citizens.  However, these plans of attack on the US, the citizens, and the Constitution have been divinely revealed to those possessing wisdom.

January 20, 2017 at noon created an opening to right as many wrongs as humanly possible.  If only one member of Congress, regardless of Party, would have risen to declare the seat of the Speaker vacant when Paul Ryan was recognized as a losing investment, we wouldn’t be witnessing globalists’ flip-offs, border mobs, and continued misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance of Congress, government employees, the Fed, United Nations, and NGOs.

The world as we knew it before education, Congress, and numerous key components of our government and culture were infiltrated by the communist-fascist will be long gone in a very short period if permission is granted to the oligarchy to control every aspect of the human condition in 2020.  What was won’t even be mentioned in the history books. 

While the TEA Party Movement itself had dissolved into obscurity at the hands of profiteers, patriotic citizens must once again prepare to rally like they’ve never done before.  Traitors to the Constitution and to the citizens themselves must be protested at their town halls, commencement ceremonies, and other public and private gatherings – take the example from the leftists’ handbook, but civilly reveal their shortcomings.

Finally, when did the media start to sell-out to the DC Mafiosi?  It may very well have begun in circa 1992 when it became most apparent the media was climbing in bed with evildoers to provide them protections.  You’re urged to view The 60 Minutes Deception [01:07:20]                         

America 2021 – Part 1

By James H. Hafeman

March 8, 2019

In-case you’re new to the United States, poor planning and extremely bad money management by Congress is subsidized by taxpayers, and they think they need more money to pay for programs we already can’t afford.  Just to be sure most Americans have no problem with that; they attack the wealthy for not paying their fair-share, yet not one leftist has presented a tax formula that is considered “fair.  However, the GOP’s HR1 was as close as you can get without confiscating everyone’s assets, including retirement funds.

We’ve lost our control over the government.  The late Democrat pundit Pat Caddell suggests this is where the We are the 99 Percent and the TEA Party Patriots need to join forces.

The question arising in 2020 is who is going to fight to help citizens restore their republic, cut regulations, taxes, and government infringements?  Instead of embracing the advocacy of a stronger central government with fewer protections, less security and safety, and determining the government has sole authority over your soul, person, and prosperity, a new revolution needs to witness the coming-together of the nations disenfranchised.     

The level of contempt by leftists for senior citizens, minimum-wage earners, and the family is unconscionable.  No matter how ignorant a person is, chances are pretty good they can grasp the idea that those who sell goods and services have the costs of their local, state, and federal taxes and fees embedded in their goods and services they provide; yes, it trickles-down to the consumers.

In Michigan, the poor are once again targeted by the elite Democrats.  Governor Whitmer wants taxpayers to cough-up the dough to compensate poor planning, inept oversight, and an overall predisposition toward excessively bad local and state management. 

Lansing — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer unveiled her first budget proposal on Tuesday, framing it as a “historic” opportunity for lawmakers to work with her on solving problems facing the state, including crumbling roads, an underperforming K-12 school system and drinking water systems facing contamination threats. 1      

Rather than collectively working together for property tax, income, and sales tax relief on behalf of the citizens, representatives on the left are looking for subsidizing bad behavior.  And what do the voters do when things are beginning to look better and the auto industry was being reinvigorated in the State?  Voters elect those who want to re-burden businesses and industries, along with draining more discretionary household funds!

On the left, their utopia is a handful of people overseeing every aspect of the government while carefully monitoring the citizens to keep them from rebelling.  On the right their utopia is a limited government just doing their frickin’ job as inexpensively as possible.  Absolutely there is no common ground between these polar-opposite worlds; what’s paramount is that Americans battle the leftist forces before their right to choose their government diminishes to that of Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, China and Cuba.

Another huge problem we should have with Congress is their funding of non-profits, who in-turn is permitted to make political campaign donations with taxpayers’ money to their campaign coffers.  Why would any organization operating under the premise of being a non-profit have discretionary funds to donate to a politician?  Blue Cross – Blue Shield, Planned Parenthood, and numerous other organizations evidently operate well over their non-profit levels.  Then, the ACLU receives money so they can sue the taxpayers’ government.

It would be a nice change throughout the American Landscape if those who intend to vote in 2020 actually listen to those running for office and factually affirm their previous tendencies correspond with the voter’s political beliefs:  




Expulsion of a Mistake

James H. Hafeman | January 21, 2019

Since the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1826, the tributaries to the national and state capitol buildings across America have become the a constant contributor to the dung heaps of political waste that have become piled so high with the publics’ excrement that their printable by-product nonsense could keep a paper company running for 20-years.  Too many voters have been consistently sending their fellow citizens, who are otherwise unemployable dregs of society, to represent them in the peoples’ hallowed halls.

The Republicans failed to remove John Boehner and then Paul Ryan as the Speaker to break the trend of ineptitude, which started with Nancy Pelosi in 2007.  The Republican Party suffered the consequences in the 2018 mid-term election because of slothfulness and hatred among the House leadership. 

The American citizens continue to live with vindictive hostilities in Congress.  The legacy of Congressional tolerance for those in leadership positions that intentionally obstruct members of Congress from doing the right thing on behalf of their constituents remains an embarrassment for Americans.     

Of course, these legislators would have voters believe there is no way to recall their vote for their mistake.  Obviously, voters in Michigan and New York thought it would be cute to elect someone who was different from the mainstream politicians.  But, later they find their representative is really a devout racist advocating extreme anti-American positions.  So, what can voters do about their newly elected dumbass representatives?

The right for the citizens to recall has not been endorsed by the US Supreme Court:

The United States Constitution does not provide for recall of any federally elected official. The option was considered during the drafting of the document in 1787, but was not included in the final version. Some state constitutions have stated the right of citizens to recall their members of the United States Congress, but whether it is constitutionally legal at the federal level has not been yet been ruled upon by the United States Supreme Court. One of the closest noted legal precedent is U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, in which the Supreme Court decided that states did not have the right to impose new terms, qualifications, or conditions of service on federal officials. 1

Citizens are not currently recognized as the purveyor of their government.  Voters wanting to use a recall petition would not make it past their Board of Elections in the county where the low quality individuals were elected.  The Board’s sole purpose is to review a recall petition’s language for clarity and not make a determination of the petition’s legality, but this was the case when Americans for Constitutional Enforcement (ACE) sent a recall petition request to the Oakland County Board of Elections to recall US Senator Carl Levin; the Board rejected it on the grounds it was not legal – ACE could not financially afford to challenge it. 

However, Congress does permit expulsion for cause.

Under Article I, Section 5, clause 2, of the Constitution, a Member of Congress may be removed from office before the normal expiration of his or her constitutional term by an “expulsion” from the Senate (if a Senator) or from the House of Representatives (if a Representative) upon a formal vote on a resolution agreed to by two-thirds of the Members of that body present and voting.  While there are no specific grounds for an expulsion expressed in the Constitution, expulsion actions in both the House and the Senate have generally concerned cases of perceived disloyalty to the United States, or the conviction of a criminal statutory offense which involved abuse of one’s official position. 2       

It is speculated that citizens of a specific congressional district may compel members of Congress to initiate an expulsion order against their Representative or in a state-wide initiative their US Senator.  Perhaps it would be most appropriate to submit the petition to the appropriate Congressional ethics committee. 

The catalyst of compulsion may come through signed petitions or a letter campaign.  Petitions would seem to be superior since only those living within the Congressional District would be permitted to sign an Order of Expulsion.

Congress, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, has the constitutional right to expel its members. In fact, there are two ways that Congress can remove a sitting member: expulsion and impeachment. Regardless of the method, the person [must] vacate his or her political position if found guilty of the allegations. 3

No member of the Senate has been expelled since 1862; the last resignation as a result of expulsion hearings was in 1995.  The last House member to be face expulsion was in 2002.  On the face-of-it, citizens would be dissuaded from demanding the expulsion of their elected official, but it is becoming crucial that voters reinstate their privileges as citizens. 

It may become an incentive for voters in each State to compel their State Legislators to adopt recall language in their respective State’s Constitution similar to Virginia’s:

Neglect of duty, misuse of office, or incompetence in the performance of duties when that neglect of duty, misuse of office, or incompetence in the performance of duties has a material adverse effect upon the conduct of the office, or upon conviction of a drug-related misdemeanor or a misdemeanor involving a “hate crime” (§24.2-233) 4          

In the meantime, as citizens work to regain their authority over their governments, they also need to continue fighting for the integrity of their vote, property rights, liberty, prosperity, personal and public security and their individual rights

It’s no secret that personal freedom is based on an individual’s financial status; an ability to pay for mobility and those items needed to sustain that mobility translates to freedom.  By intentionally keeping persons penned-up in ghettos with low-quality schools and educators, freedom and liberty are seldom attainable and the lefts’ victims will rarely experience the joy of capitalism.  By funding the inability of minorities to achieve prosperity summarily results in deterred financial well-being for the middle class because of the costs to fund such endeavors.

Contradictory to Public Interests

James H. Hafeman | October 21, 2018

The immigration policies of the United States of America are not designed just to protect the sovereignty of its citizens, but are also in-place to ensure all steps are taken to prevent an unauthorized infiltration of the US by a foreign body, no matter how microscopic.  The mutual interests of the citizens and common support among the citizens must prevail during these final days of the lefts’ contemptible and lackadaisical compliance with the Constitution

In any logical assessment of an unchecked immigration policy, the field of entry-level jobs, competitive wages, benefits, and promotions among US citizens are threatened.  Combine the threats by the left on entry-level job seekers with a minimum wage requirement and businesses can’t compete for good workers.  They will be forced to settle for employing US citizens part-time and hire illegal aliens to fill the void.     

In the nation, it is the cultural depravity of the left that has bled ambition, self-determination, and the resourcefulness of its citizens to the cusp of collectivism through the indoctrination of a one-world conscientious.  Illegal aliens are a necessary blend into society in order for the left to create a permanent political identity based on class envy that favors their conspiracy.   

Foregoing the integrity of elections and ensuring voters are lawful residents of the US and the precincts in which they vote, the left hopes that illegal aliens and illegal votes will lift them to eternal power.  When that point arrives there will be no recourse to return to a basic constitutional republic.

That is the sole purpose of the illegal alien invasion of the US; the left most certainly doesn’t want Christians, especially pro-life Catholics from other countries entering the country.  What they want is multi-cultures waving flags of their originating country in order to soil the US flag with extreme prejudice, provide public assistance to entire classes of citizens to keep them on the lefts’ fertile plantation, and eliminate the middle class by implementing the Venezuelan model in order to ensure concentrations of wealth among the oligarchs.

It’s too late for the citizens of Venezuela to recapture their prosperity, freedoms, and quality of life without an extremely violent revolution along the order of the French Revolution, some 230-years ago.  But for the United States of America, the cultural shift is still stoppable.

The question that needs to be debated in haste is whether or not the invading forces should be met with unencumbered force? 

There is no question that the failure of the US Congress to get the wall built and demand enforcement of US immigration policies under Obama has already cost thousands of lives and destroyed neighborhoods, curbed livelihoods, and traumatized childhoods.  The rapidly moving invasion force, in concert with the pre-established Fifth Column force set-up and well organized by leftists in the US, will not only collapse the US economy, but will undermine the very foundation of the rule of law of a constitutional republic.    

This is my country, my Congress, my President, and my Court, just as it is yours.  How any of these entities act against one of us, so it acts against all of us.

Intentionally targeting and dispatching US citizens on foreign soil without due process, invoking the right to privacy over the right to life, using eminent domain for public purpose instead of public use, advocacy of Cain’s brothers’ keeper model and it takes a village mentality, modifying citizenship requirement from parent-to-child to child-to-parent, canceling-out a vote by a citizen with a vote by an illegal alien, and numerous other perversions of the Constitution for political reasons is unacceptable.

A love affair with collectivist ideologies has lead to ever bigger government and the welfare-warfare state. Lead by a Marxist splinter group called the “Frankfurt School” — “the long march through the institutions” has infiltrated every corner of Western culture to corrupt traditional Christian values with “political correctness,” another name for “cultural Marxism.” 1 Video 01:38:38

America’s cultural phoenix is finally emerging from the fires of despair created by the left with an awakening of the silent majority.  The days of the TEA Party rallies have passed, but the legacy of the movement in changing the hearts and minds of the complacent patriot will produce an historical period in US History; the Electorate Revolution.   

Back to the question, should the invading forces be met with unencumbered force?  Should those who have facilitated the overthrow of the United States of America be hanged?

The fundamental transformation of the United States of America is still in the offing and it must be stopped.

The Preponderance

Intended Consequences 2018

James H. Hafeman | November 8, 2018

Circa 1994 I invited a libertarian friend of mine, the late Dr. Stephen Dresch, to speak to about 90 students in one of my criminal justice classes.  His presentation was primarily about the decriminalization of marijuana. 

After his presentation and departure from the auditorium I polled the students by a show of hands, asking two questions: 1) As future professionals in the field you’re going into, how many “think” decriminalizing marijuana is good idea?  Only a handful of students were ok with the idea.

Question 2) As college students how many “feel” the decimalization of marijuana could be a good idea?  Nearly 75% of the student body replied affirmatively.

I generally never use the word “feel” because it serves no real world purpose except to elicit a visceral response.  The difference between thinking and feeling is unquestionable.    

Michigan has now been added to the list of States that provide for the unencumbered recreational use of marijuana for persons 21-years of age or older.  The assertion that the State of Michigan will now become Woodstock without consequences would be nice for the dopers, which will probably become an identifier of hate speech pretty soon, but the reality is thousands of people are going to lose their jobs, driving privileges, and charged more on insurance policies because they’re not only now smokers, but dopers.  It will most certainly manifest into a formal gun control method in order to disarm more citizens for cause.

Smoking marijuana in public will not be legal under the new law, nor will driving under the influence of marijuana. And businesses could still fire employees who fail drug tests. 1

In an additional warning, universities will not become a 1960s Berkeley:

Despite this new state law, possession and use of marijuana on the [redacted] campus remains prohibited because of the federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, which categorizes marijuana as a schedule 1 (illegal) drug. Universities that violate this federal law risk losing funding, including some types of student financial aid.  As a recipient of Title IV financial aid funds, [redacted] must adhere to federal law and prohibit all schedule 1 drugs, including marijuana, from the campus, regardless of legalization statewide. Undisclosed             

Working members of society will be called upon to support the irresponsible members of society, but to a larger scale than purchasing Narcan for police officers to carry in response to the increasing episodes of overdoses.  And of course the lack of purity and potency standards will have residual cultural effects until Judgment Day; dopers will need to grow their own plants until weed stores are authorized in the next round of voting.

The good news in all of this is that those education funds locked-in for special education will finally be used, drug test manufactures and investors will make billions, construction of new rehab facilities will boom, and millions of jobs will be created in areas of counseling, purity and potency control, and drug court attorney services.  And, higher education has already gained opportunities in the medicinal marijuana industry indicating there may be an effort to ensure purity controls:

His four-year medicinal plant chemistry degree — geared toward the burgeoning marijuana business that is about to explode in Michigan next year — includes classes such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, soils, biology, gas and liquid chromatography, biostatistics, genetics, accounting, financial management and perspectives on society. 2      

Citizens will need the patience of Kansas farmer when ordering at a fast food restaurant, waiting for the guy at the green light to finally notice the light and move, be more generous to food pantries, be ready to repeat things several times because they weren’t heard well enough to be understood the first time and regular folks will need even more patience in the drive-through at Taco Bell.

Do the non-using citizens in Michigan and the tourists who visit “Pure Michigan” have to worry about the dopers being responsible; not driving, hunting, or working under the influence of their homegrown weed?  What about exposing children to secondhand smoke, giving birth to children addicted to THC, and the depletion of the pre-noon workforce and Twinkies? 

Clear GA (Georgia) has already completed their homework.  Watch their videos for more information at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyyeVYw73Rz4xrpKZHvtCZw   

Peace man. 

Peace man. 

The Preponderance

Socialism: The Best Government Corporatists can Buy

James H. Hafeman | December 22, 2018

To iterate, we always get that for which we vote.  The election of the Democrats in November 2018 to take-charge of the US House in 2019 may very well have the same ramifications as the 2006 mid-term election; a overwhelming distrust in Congress historically jeopardizes and destroys retirement portfolios, which invokes worldwide economic ramifications. 

So let’s be clear, the GOP lost seats in the House because they failed to do their frickin’ job.  It was like spending big bucks on a stallion and finding-out it’s really a gelding that serves no purpose in the corral, yet you feel obligated to keep feeding the creature until it’s ready for the glue factorySea Island corporatists in-bed with Ryan-Rove Republicans help ensure the destruction of an identifiable opponent to the Democratic Party globalists.      

It took until the eleventh-hour for House Republicans to finally pass a spending bill with $5.7-billion appropriation for the border wall, which would have had a positive impact on the GOP members’ reelection if it has passed last year.  However, the spending bill moved on to the GOP controlled Senate, where the high-dollar political prostitutes have significant influence over their homogenized eunuchs.  [Senate UPDATE – we’ll see.]

The only logical approach is to have the House reconvene on December 30, 2018 to re-vote the passed bill to keep it in effect until the new US Senate reconvenes in January, 2019.  All aspects of the bill need to be in concurrence with the Republican Senate to prevent changes, which would require resubmission to the new Democratic-controlled House if any changes are made to the bill.  One would hope that all involuntary donations to non-profits by US taxpayers have been scrubbed from the submitted budget as well.  Also there should be legislation prohibiting non-profit organizations from making any political contributions or statements – including the US Military like the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force.                    

On the upcoming 90-year anniversary (1929) of the Great Depression, voters and their newly elected legislators are about to relive history.  The United States of America will again move from a society lacking want to a wanton society, but this time it could be Biblical if citizens continue to relinquish their control over their government to the very unbalanced.

However, the gains and losses in financial portfolios should be the least of our worries.  The end of the world may or may not occur in your lifetime, but rest assured it won’t be caused by cow farts or fossil fuels, but will definitely be influenced by what you believe and who or what influences your private and professional decisions and your basic political ideologies.      

Lack of morality and respect leads people to form a fearful, dreadful and distressing society. Disparity between human beings and animals is the moral conduct and discipline. Sometimes, we meet well-trained and well-tamed animals better than some immoral and nefarious individuals in our society. Domestic violence, intimidation, threat, cyber bullying, sexual harassment and assault, abuse and violence are abundant and numbers are escalating due to the lack of virtuous conduct and respect for others. 1   

The drama in our lives today really isn’t too much different than those dramas experienced by previous generations in the United States and among those living in the rest of the world.  Where we differ is that today is that most people would not survive an economic catastrophe like that of the Great Depression.  Even without the implications of desperation, societies are engaging in violent protests as a direct result of how they voted and why they voted that way, which is often fueled by the media instead of deliberative considerations.   

Let’s be honest here; socialism is the best government corporatists can buy.  Socialism is the most basic form of economic and cultural fascism, without the remnant negative label still associated with Hitler and Mussolini.

Thomas J. DiLorenzo described economic fascism in 1994 as:

When people hear the word “fascism” they naturally think of its ugly racism and anti-Semitism as practiced by the totalitarian regimes of Mussolini and Hitler. But there was also an economic policy component of fascism, known in Europe during the 1920s and ‘30s as “corporatism,” that was an essential ingredient of economic totalitarianism as practiced by Mussolini and Hitler. So-called corporatism was adopted in Italy and Germany during the 1930s and was held up as a “model” by quite a few intellectuals and policy makers in the United States and Europe. A version of economic fascism was in fact adopted in the United States in the 1930s and survives to this day. In the United States these policies were not called “fascism” but “planned capitalism.” The word fascism may no longer be politically acceptable, but its synonym “industrial policy” is as popular as ever. 2  

At this point it must be made clear that corporatism is the polar opposite of capitalism, as is crony capitalism.  In the fascist world of corporatism, government is excessively influenced by large enterprises and wealthy individuals.  The deep pockets of the corporatists protect their interests and those purchased by them to write and enforce regulations that keep the competition under strict governmental controls; capitalism helps facilitate competition if at its functional base the government is hands-off unless absolutely necessary. 

Modern technology has expanded the territories of the corporatists.  Corporatist-globalism has redefined the economic and cultural arenas by expanding enterprise tentacles across the earth.  With the new economic status of the United States, cheap labor in China is of little use to the economic cartel, especially when cheap labor can be imported from Central American nations.  However China remains a target of the economic fascists.   

The protests by modern cultural fascists are only organized bitch sessions that turn violent because those protesting have nothing constructive to do.  Or they’re being paid to protest.  Donning a pink hat in support of killing babies for convenience is contrarian to a civil rights protest – women gave up their right to privacy when government took over health care, and yes, they acquired that for which they voted.  The diminished value of womanhood has had major ramifications throughout society, especially in the nuclear family household.   

The frustration with “crony capitalism” among voters in 2016 gave Donald J. Trump both the GOP Primary nod and the Presidency.  The Republicans held both Houses of Congress, yet nothing changed for the two-years the GOP had full control in Washington, DC.  

The Business Dictionary defines crony capitalism as: 

An economy that is nominally free-market, but allows for preferential regulation and other favorable government intervention based on personal relationships. In such a system, the false appearance of “pure” capitalism is publicly maintained to preserve the exclusive influence of well-connected individuals. 3

The neo-Hegelianism economic ideologies had functionally split left (collectivism), center (objectivism), and to the right (individualism):

Shortly after [Georg Wilhelm Friedrich] Hegel’s death in 1831, his school in Germany diverged into three currents of thought: The conservative Rightist Hegelians, who developed his philosophy along lines compatible with Christian teachings and conservative politics; the “Young Hegelians,” or leftists, a group including Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Ludwig Feuerbach, and Max Stirner, who were critical of conservative politics; and the centrists, who concentrated on the philosophical system itself, which they diffused throughout the Western world. 4         

In the world of economic fascism, the citizens are unimportant.  Case in-point, if the same funds given to the first TARP Program were disseminated to tax-paying households, each of the households would have received a $56,000 voucher.  With specificity, the voucher could have been used to catch-up on mortgages, student loans, credit card debt, etc., and any remaining credits could have been used to purchase domestic-made automobiles and/or major household appliances.

TARP Programs


Auto Industry

TARP helped prevent the collapse of the American auto industry, saving more than a million American jobs.

Credit Market Programs

TARP helped restart the secondary credit markets which are essential to keeping credit flowing to households and businesses. 

Investment in AIG

The Federal Reserve and Treasury took action to stabilize AIG because its failure during the financial crisis would have had a devastating impact on our financial system and the economy.

Bank Investment Programs

TARP helped stabilize America’s banking system during the financial crisis.


TARP helped prevent avoidable foreclosures and keeps families in their homes.

Executive Compensation

Treasury issued standards governing executive compensation at financial institutions that received assistance under TARP. These standards are implemented and are overseen by the Office of the Special Master.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 5


TARP did nothing to help citizens who lost 50% of their retirement and investment portfolios (100% loss if the losses incurred during the recovery are added into the equation).

There’s a profound concentration of wealth among the corporatists and only the most loyal political players are granted funds for their campaigns and conditional livelihoods after fulfilling their obligations while in office on the corporatists’ behalf.  A move from Congress to K Street remains an acceptable transition.

Among the most embedded anti-capitalist corporatist politicians is Bernie Sanders.  He was born in New York, graduated the University of Chicago and was elected as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont as an Independent in 1981, to the US House in 1989, and to the US Senate in 2007.  His net-worth is approximately $2-million.        

“What we are doing is now talking to people all over this country to see if our message of taking on the billionaire class, health care for all through a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system, raising the minimum wage to a living wage — 15 bucks an hour — demanding that the wealthy and the powerful start paying their fair share of taxes, dealing with climate change, etc., if that message is going to resonate throughout the country, and that’s what we’re ascertaining right now,” he says. 6

Senate Candidate Sander’s self-financing     $0     0.00%
Presidential Candidate Sander’s self-financing     $0     0.00%

The corporatists’ franchises have had heavy influences over the naïve.  It is the fundamentals of capitalism that keeps food in grocery stores, gas at the gas stations, power to your home, and in some instances internet services and television.  Corporatism retards competition, which drives-up costs.  The auto industry, cable television, satellite radio, and countless on-line gimmicks that steal your information are all protected from competition.

In conclusion, it is essential that you have an insight into the type of people you’re voting for in local, state and national elections.  Most disturbing, voters are willing to vote for a person who has no clue about the job they’re hiring them to perform on their behalf.  Voters need to find their convictions and stick by them.