Helsinki Hysteria: “Trump Derangement Syndrome” Now a Real Disease!

Trump was probably right both times – when he said he didn’t see why Russia (the government leadership) would interfere with the 2016 election. Putin denied it forcefully and was standing there.  Trump was probably also right when he stated he mis-spoke: why wouldn’t they? The correction was handled as best it could, albeit weak and cumbersome. Trump needs better advice! Shame on McCain and other would-be Republicans who piled on.

The Russians didn’t do it; The Chinese did, according to well-placed FBI sources.  Read here.

No one to date has implicated Putin or the Russian government. As Trump said, Dan Coats, et. al., speculated it was Russia, but that has not been confirmed. Start a war over that?

Treason? Communist Brennan, maybe. Impeachment? Media and Democrat leadership again jump into unbelieveable anti-President, anti-American hysteria. Schumer’s claim that Trump chose Putin over US law enforcement and intelligence community is astoundingly reckless and without base. This may hype up their core sycophants and donors, but America’s middle has had enough. They see through it and will VOTE!

Clinton’s 30,000 emails ended up in France, and China. Some to be leaked from there. DNC’s info  was apparently leaked by a staffer, not hacked. The real damage was that some of their evil intent and ilegal practices leaked and voters understood what Democrats wanted to do. Voters rejected Hillary’s plan for us. DNC’s servers are where? The video link above has a great response. This happened on Obama’s watch. Throw it back on him and pledge to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That will not happen until the Deep State is brought under control.  Tough! Trump needs better advice!

Private Russian individuals and companies have been indicted, some laughably wrong.

Serious issues are raised.

    • If Chief of Staff Kelly actually did call members of congress and unleash them to blast the President, Trump better watch his back and extract this disloyalty. I can’t recall any time in the past when a COS got so confused about his role. He serves, not rules.
    • Meuller’s timing of additional indictments is suspect at best. Did he not know of Trump’s conference with Putin, was he trying to undermine it, or was he trying to force the President’s conduct? Sessions must take back this investigation; end it.

When will Republicans – and the Trump Justice Department, get to the bottom of the Clinton scandals, and illegal conspiracies within Justice, FBI, CIA and other agencies? Will we see Brennan, Hillary, Stzrok, Comey, Huma Abedin and her Pakistan handlers, Clapper, Rice, Lynch, Holder, McCabe and other bad actors indicted and in prison?


Watch this laughable but sad string of Trump-Deranged media personalities lose their minds on YouTube video over the Helsinki Summit!


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