Election hacking: So simple an 11-year old can do it.

smarter than a fifth grader.JPGWe have a serious problem in Michigan and in at least 16 other states that use voting machines from nearly all manufacturers – including Hart InterCivic used in Oakland County.

All prominent electronic voting systems in the U.S. (Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, ES&S, Dominion and Hart InterCivic) are networked to the same software engine (called OpTek, first developed in Venezuela) and controlled by the same financiers tied to George Soros and others.  These globalists brag about their ability to “bend” elections in other countries.

View this YouTube post showing 11-year olds able to manipulate the machines here.

Also, here is video from a recent hacking conference – they took full control of the voting machine in 2 minutes!  Here

Political parties and hackers in the US can also change the vote without touching the machines. Many of them can be accessed by PCAnywhere, a remote access software tool (see SANS article, below).

Our Secretary of State, however, apparently relies on “extensive testing” but did not respond to a question as to whether “bi-partisan, auditable chain of custody” can be demonstrated between the time we enter our ballot and it is summarized, transmitted elsewhere, tabulated and finally reported out.  Apparently both the machines and the final vote tabulation is susceptible to unauthorized changes.

Folks – were are in trouble if this cannot be fixed immediately. 


Voting Machine Manufacturer Admits It Installed Remote Access Software on Some Systems

  • (SANS Security Newsletter – July 17, 2018)
    Voting machine maker Election Systems and Software (ES&S) has admitted that it installed remote access software on some of its election management systems. The revelation came in response to a March 6, 2018 letter from US Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon). The systems in question were sold between 2000 and 2006. Election management systems are not machines for casting ballots; they hold the software used to program all of those machines and they tabulate voting results from those machines.

How bad is it? Michigan, for example, has gone 100% digital when it comes to voting machines.  Digital ballot images are public records in most states; however, in compromised states, they’re destroying them. So a recount is extremely difficult or impossible.


The importance of ballot images is being increasingly recognized, as evidenced by the new Congressional effort to secure voting systems sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden.  A quote from the Wyden bill: “State and local officials would also be required to implement what are known as “risk-limiting audits” — a method that verifies election outcomes by comparing a random sample of paper ballots with their corresponding digital versions — for all federal elections.”  But we can’t wait for Congress to do anything — Michigan is responsible for our own elections.

Call and write your State Rep and Senator, and call the Michigan Secretary of State to fix this!

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