Do We Need a Convention of States (COS), Article V Constitutional Convention (ConCon) or Other Such Action?

This is a COS Con job – A flier is circulating that former Sen. Tom Coburn will rally on Michigan’s Capitol steps on Thursday, November 2nd and put pressure on Michigan’s legislators to support a reckless ConCon proposal also called or mis-named COS (Convention of States).  So who is Tom Colburn?

  • Dr. Coburn served in the US Senate from 2005-2015.
  • In 2007, Coburn told citizens in Oklahoma that Barack Obama would someday run for President and “he would make a fine president.”
  • In the 2008 GOP primary, Coburn endorsed John McCain.
  • In 2015 MSNBC reported that Coburn told them,  “I think Hillary’s experience would make her a very effective President.”

ThinkProgress reported that Coburn trashed nearly every Republican running for President, calling them “not ready for prime time”, lacking “integrity”, “not capable” and said that he wouldn’t support one of them even if he got the nomination.

In the novel “1984,” which was George Orwell’s unsettling prophecy of a totalitarian society, Newspeak was the official language of Oceania. It was devised to limit freedom of thought. New words were invented, undesirable words eliminated, and the remaining words redefined or limited in scope to further the Party’s ideology. If something can’t be said, it can’t be thought, making a diverging thought unthinkable…

This is what the Convention of States Project (COS) is doing — it uses Newspeak to manipulate people into believing that the convention provided for by Article V of our Constitution is really a “convention of the states” that is controlled from start to finish by State Legislatures.  Not true!

On September 24-25, 2011, radical leftist professor Larry Lessig, who has ties to George Soros and salesman Mark Meckler, who now heads COS, co-hosted a Conference on the Constitutional Convention at Harvard.  That conference kicked off the current push for the Left and the phony Right to work together to promote an Article V Convention.

However, in reality the State Legislatures have no power to limit the scope of a convention to specific topics or amendments.

The same ploy was tried and failed in the 1970s and 1980s for the same reason Link

Here is why holding a “ConCon” or Article V Convention or “Convention of States” seems to make sense:

  • Taxpayers are soooo tired of the Legislature’s failure to manage its finances, both at the Federal and State levels.
  • The Michigan Constitution requires a balanced budget for the State and for local governments, school boards, etc.
  • We put into the Constitution in 1978/9 the Headlee Tax Limitation Amendment limitation taxation to the rate on inflation or 5% whichever is least.  However, Michigan legislators have broken that several times.
  • Michigan State debt is about $78 Billion. It underwrites local units of government so they can break our Constitution. It now includes earmarks and hides them by using descriptions applicable to counties’ pet projects.  We do not call that balancing the budget.
  • The fact of the matter is that Michigan took 43% of its total budget from the Feds in 2015. This year it will be in the high 30s. Some states get as much as 45%.

The problem is lack of spending restraint and enforcement of the law, not lack of laws or Constitutional amendments to achieve the objective of a convention

As you know, the US Federal budget is 40% out of balance — only 60% of spending is covered by tax revenue. They could not even make a 1% sequestration stick. Without another Federal tax increase or imposing a spending limit there is only one way they would balance it in today’s political environment — a 40% tax increase, killing the economy and driving us into institutional socialism.  We need to control spending now!

Michigan is already recklessly on record of supporting a ConCon for a balanced budget. That doesn’t go far enough for Michigan Representative Lee Chatfield (R-107th District), Triston Cole (R-105th) and other sponsors.  National radio host Mark Levin is selling a book demanding 11 amendments to the Constitution, while others propose six or some other number to suit THEIR needs.  Even George Soros has his list of amendments he’d like to see.

It is the epitome of hypocricy to cry about Congress spending and debt when we do not balance our own as required by the Michigan Constitution. The legislature has it in their power to help the Feds balance the budget by refusing Federal money.  So, to support a ConCon must be about something else. One thing the Koch brothers and Soros and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi agree on is the need for a ConCon — so they can gut the few protections still enforced in the Constitution.  Read here about the deceit being used:  Link

The COS folks are saying they can control a COS — in other words hold a Convention that it would be limited to certain amendments; they even say that Meckler would chair it. They are saying they are assured it would be limited and the current ratification process would be used.  They are wrong — they have no authority for that, and we have numerous legal authorities clearly saying otherwise, like Madison, Jefferson, Scalia, and former Chief Justices Jay and Burger.  It is settled law that states providing delegates cannot be limited to a defined list of amendments – it will be open season.  Imagine what people like Soros, Schumer and Pelosi  will pursue?

  • A convention is the highest form of government, having more power than State Legislatures and Congress put together. So even though the Framers met in convention in 1787 for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation (AOC),” they had the inherent and legal right, as expressed by the Declaration of Independence, to write a new Constitution which created a new government. Moreover, they set a precedent by making the new Constitution easier to ratify than amendments to the AOC.  Such a convention in 2017 would be no different, regardless of what they tell you!

Meckler is on record saying amendments would not solve the problem. He is right about that, but clearly not being honest about the rest. The only way we hold governments in check on any level is by the will of the people. The only way we do that is re-education so those draining the government coffers agree we must willingly restrain the spending or the remaining have had enough of waste, fraud, etc.

So join us … stop this grandstanding and waste of time around COS / ConCon / Article 5 and hold our State Representatives and Senators to implement the control already in the Constitution and compiled laws.  Pursuing another Amendment will just waste a few years of time and continue to allow them to hide behind a veil of not being “empowered” to do the right thing.

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