Convention of State Rally a “Bust”

“Convention of States” = National Suicide!

COS advocates, led by Speaker ProTem Lee Chatfield (who aspires to be the next Speaker) with COS senior advisor and lobbyist Dr. Tom Coburn, former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, had a rally on the Capitol steps Thursday November 2 to promote their plan for a constitutional convention.

Looking at three of their videos it appears only about 37-40 showed including legislators, media and a few folks who showed up against a COS. Twenty minutes in, the number was about 12, half being media. It should be clear to legislators that there is no significant support for the idea of a new USA Constitutional Convention.

We all have concerns with Congress but jumping from the frying pan into the fire is not the answer. We change public policies by changing attitudes towards government, its purposes, scope and size.

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