Collection of Resources Regarding 5G, “Smart Meters”, and EMF RISK

Measuring wifi router EMF levels

Provided by Dr. Angie Colbeck for the MiCPAC Break Out Session on April 27, 2019 —

List of Websites: (This is the one with the 3,600 medical studies showing all the health complications discussed at MiCPAC) (this one is great for clicking on the disorder and showing the medical study and once again, it is to show everyone all the doctors that are concerned!)

Wireless Technology Forum

Opposition to 5G videos

Senator Colbeck’s opposition:

Dr. Angie Colbeck’s opposition:

Dr. Sharon Goldberg’s opposition:

Opposition to Smart Meters


Policy Guidance Regarding Wireless Radiation(pdf above)


Actions to Reduce Wireless Radiation Exposure(pdf above)

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