BATTLEGROUND MICHIGAN: Tires Slashed Outside of Conservative Pro-Trump Gathering

This is a taste of what is to come for 2020, as the deranged left resorts to violence and property damage.

Published on May 4, 2019 By Shane Trejo

A vandal, believed to be a liberal enraged about Donald Trump, slashed tires of multiple vehicles outside of a conservative pro-Trump event last weekend.

The act of property destruction occurred outside of the Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference (MiCPAC), which took place on April 27 in Holt, MI. While the event’s hundreds of attendees were participating in activism and discussions, vehicles with large bumper stickers and window decals were targeted for vandalism.

This man’s car was targeted because of his large pro-Trump back window decal.

One of the cars vandalized belonged to Alex Larner, who is Director of the Michigan Conservative Union (MCU), the state’s longest-running organization promoting limited government and traditional values. His car was likely targeted because it displayed patriotic bumper stickers bought from Alex Jones’ web store.

“What happened that day wasn’t just a tire slashing,” Larner said in an exclusive statement to Big League Politics. “It was an attack on one of the core foundations of our public, freedom of speech. Where dialogue is abandoned for vandalism, there goes freedom to die.”

Larner’s tire was slashed in an act of senseless politically-motivated destruction.

This anti-Trump vandalism occurred just days before Jones and other right-wing media voices were arbitrarily thrown off Facebook. It is becoming much more difficult and dangerous to be an open conservative in the former land of the free.

“The globalists and dinosaur media have created a culture full of Marxist malcontents brainwashed into believing that violence is the only solution,” Larner added.

Larner believes it is important to “counter the false narrative” by standing “with knowledge and truth” rather than violence. The MCU accomplishes that with their annual event, MiCPAC, and is targeted by the hate-filled left as a result.

“We are in an information war, and my bumper stickers will stay on as salvos for freedom, fighting the fight for the hearts and minds of America,” Larner said.

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