Are Sec. of Defense Mattis and President Trump on the same page?

OPINION – It is related that allies are concerned with Trump’s America First policy. Pulling out of TPP and the Paris Accord takes the USA out of agreements designed to sap USA money and sovereignty. And apparently some of the takers are upset with that. They want us to self-destruct or immolate to a lesser power, not thinking through that we would not be at their backs if we were the remaining wet noodle they seek. Trump has lectured that they need to pay their fair share to mutual defence. V.P. Pence again defined that at 2% GDP in talks in Eastern Europe last week.

And the takers squirm. They threaten to suck up to China or other “rising” nations. Without thinking that China contributed nothing to the UN Paris Accord raid on “developed” countries or the redistribution of National wealth, technology, jobs and trade. We are $21T in debt (actually, about $130T if unfunded mandates and the “black” budget were included) and they want us to put our children in deeper debt to satisfy UN bureaucrats and tin-pan dictators and others greedy for OUR money.

Putting the USA first is what got Trump elected. A strong America is a strong ally. We have always done our part, but playing the sucker is over as far as Trump in concerned. But does his Cabinet agree? Now comes this article: Mattis Tells Asian Allies Stung by Trump: We’re Still With You Article Mattis is quoted as saying: “Bear with us, once we’ve exhausted all possible alternatives, the Americans will do the right thing,” he said, paraphrasing an oft-quoted remark. “We will still be there. We will be there with you.”

After talking tough about American interests he essentially tells “allies” just ignore the bluster and wait it out – we will do it for you? With the alleged Trump purge at NSA, the continued leaks by the “deep state”, one hopes President Trump reins in or gets rid of Administration officials giving such mixed signals.

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  1. The Swamp is even bigger than we realized. We must stand behind President Trump. A few prayers would probably help too.

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