Michigan Conservative Union (founded in 1975) is the oldest and largest effective grass roots conservative organization.  We ran the Reagan campaign, put into Michigan’s Constitution a Tax Limitation Amendment, provided talents and support for the Reagan Administrations, and led the grass roots campaign to pass Freedom To Work, Michigan’s right to work laws, passing several key bills along the way. 

In 2016 we operated an independent campaign, making a million contacts in support of President Trump – particularly reaching into the Reagan “Democrats” we worked so successfully in the past. 

We have an annual Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference (MiCPAC) that networks and strategizes with Michigan’s top conservative grass roots leaders, think tanks, academe, legislators, Conservative business groups, etc. – the full perspective of the conservative movement from faith, life, tax limitation, 1st 2nd & 10th Amendment, business, labor, education, liberty, freedom, national defense and other conservatives. MiCPAC will be held in Holt, Michigan on April 26 and 27, 2019. 

We also sponsor the Upper Peninsular CPAC in Marquette, Mi.  In 2019, it will be held on June 15.  

We network, plan, strategize, and lay out an action plan for the future. 

Testimonial on the Value of Membership:

Janice Daniels

“I know it might sound a bit corny, but truly, this organization has helped me clarify my goals, has helped me hone my skills, has given me an opportunity to meet with and work with people of like mind from all across the country. It gives me great information and direction, purpose and cause. Michigan Conservative Union has a proud record of having influenced legislation for decades, such as the passage of the Headlee Amendment, and the Freedom to Work initiative, to name a few.  Michigan Conservative Union recently helped stall the Convention of States and National Popular Vote initiatives, and Michigan Conservative Union has an active voice in Lansing, even today.  I have seen it at work, but we can do more. We actually can do much better than ever before, if we continue to grow as an organization of legitimate power of the people.  This is the way to Make America Great Again. Please bring your passion, your skills, your knowledge and your voice to Michigan Conservative Union.  We need your help. We have a country to save.” Join today at