About Us

Michigan Conservative Union (founded in 1975 by Norman Hughes) is the oldest and largest effective grass roots conservative organization. We ran the Reagan campaign in Michigan, put into Michigan’s Constitution a Tax Limitation Amendment (the Headlee Amendment), provided talent and support for the two Reagan Administrations, and led the grassroots campaign to pass Freedom To Work, Michigan’s right-to-work laws, passing several key bills along the way.

In 2016 we operated an independent campaign, making a million contacts in support of President Trump – particularly reaching into the Reagan “Democrats” we worked so successfully in the past.

We have an annual Michigan conservative political action conference called the “Michigan Conservative Union Action Summit” that networks and strategizes with Michigan’s top conservative grass roots leaders, think tanks, academe, legislators, conservative business groups, etc. – the full perspective of the conservative movement from faith, life, tax limitation, 1st 2nd & 10th Amendment, business, labor, education, liberty, freedom, national defense and other conservatives.

We also sponsor the Upper Peninsula conservative political action summit in Marquette, MI.

We network, plan, strategize, and lay out an action plan for the future.